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WB Still Planning Green Lantern Sequel

Green Lantern wasn’t as huge a hit as Warner Bros. had hoped for and it certainly didn’t get many good reviews. Despite all the negativity, I actually enjoy the movie.

Warner Bros. is already planning a sequel to Ryan Reynolds’ superhero pic Green Lantern, despite the film’s soft performance at the box office.

Sources say Warners still believes in the franchise, even if the studio is “somewhat disappointed” with Green Lantern’s result. Over the weekend, Green Lantern fell a steep 66% at the domestic box office, grossing $18.4 million for a total of $89.3 million. That’s a big decline.

Green Lantern fell off more than recent superhero pics Thor and X-Men: First Class. Thor dropped 47% in its second weekend, while First Class dropped 56%. Similar films that have seen the same sort of dip that Green Lantern did include Hulk, which dropped nearly 70% in its second outing.

Green Lantern cost $200 million to produce before a sizeable marketing spend (rival studios say it was one of the most expensive on record). Warners, preparing for the end of Harry Potter, needs new franchises, so was willing to invest big in Green Lantern.

It sounds like Ryan Reynolds is already thinking sequel.

“There’s such a rich history with this character, so you get really excited about the possibility,” Reynolds explained. “The inevitable war between Hal and Sinestro is something that will have to be dealt with in the second movie for sure, but there’s always subplots and a lot of other interesting things going on that are setting up a possible third film.”

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