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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Cheeky in New Candie’s Campaign (Photos)

Vanessa Hudgens is taking it all off once again — only this time, it’s for work. The Disney starlet turned self-portrait enthusiast stripped down to her skivvies to model Candie’s new line of lingerie.

Who doesn’t clean house while snapping and popping pink bubblegum and prancing around in a matching bra and panties? (I know I do, usually while listening to Candie’s other spokesgirl, Miss Britney Spears…don’t judge me.)

“I’m having so much fun here today,” Hudgens said about the photo shoot in a behind-the-scenes video. “There are so many amazing Candie’s things to wear … I’m wearing some cute little bras and fun stuff. My style is very similar to the Candie’s girl style in a sense where we just want to have fun.”

Vanessa added, “I had such a great time shooting the Candie’s campaign, it’s all about having fun and learning life lessons according to Candie’s.”

Vanessa Hudgens Shoots New Campaign for Candies

The Candie’s TV commercial and print campaign showcase a series of “Candie’s-isms,” aka the code Candie’s girls live by, which is always to “look on the pink side of life.”

Example “Candie’s-isms” used in the campaign include:

• “Candie’s girls believe you can do anything in heels”

• “Candie’s girls know sprinkles are a food group”

• “Candie’s girls never forget to treat themselves”

Friggin adorable.

We’re just glad that these sexy photos are the handy-work of a professional photographer rather than Hudgens’ smart phone.

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