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Usher’s Nanny: Show Me The Money!!

usherFor us mere mortals that do all our own chores, we don’t know anything about issues like this. We cannot relate. When we need domestic assistance, we just have more children! But when you are a celebrity, there never seems to be enough time to wash your own thongs and take out your own trash. No. Sometimes you need a little help. And we all know when you let strangers into your house, there can be problems. We don’t even like to let in family members because they can case your house too.

But, we digress.

Pop star Usher, who is no stranger to lawsuits, is now being taken to court again. His nanny is claiming that she is owed a few checks and she wants her money money money!

Cecilia Duncan, Usher’s former part-time nanny, is suing for wrongful termination (Usher allegedly fierd her when she asked for her money. As if!, as well as other unspecified damages. Allegedly, she is asking for money in the six-figure range.

That’s a lot of overtime, Cecilia!!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

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