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More than just celebrity gossip

SURPRISE: Jenni JWoww Farley Is Pregnant!


Now Snooki can give parenting tips to J-Woww because J-Woww has announced that she is pregnant. Jenni J-Woww Farley is pregnant with her fiance Roger Mathews’ baby!

J-Woww made the announcement via her website saying, “Merry Christmas from within! Roger and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift this year! We wanted to share this exciting news with you all first because you have been a part of our lives these past few years and seen the love between Roger and me develop and blossom. We are so excited to share this new chapter of our lives with you as we become parents and create more memories with a new addition to our family! Thank you for all your love and support and for being there for us throughout the years! We are extremely happy and cannot wait for our bundle of joy to arrive!
Happy holidays from our growing family to yours!
Jenni, Roger and Baby Mathews”

Congratulations J-Woww and Roger! We can’t wait to see your little bundle.

Kristin Cavallari Reveals The Truth Behind Her Breakup with Jay Cutler Prior To Their Wedding

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Bethenny

Kristin Cavallari was on the Bethenny Frankel show recently and revealed a whole lot about her breakup and makeup with Jay Cutler. Check out the highlights from the interview below.

Bethenny: They said you got pregnant to keep your boyfriend.

Kristin: So, Jay and I got engaged.

Bethenny: Which by the way is not really the greatest way to keep a boyfriend.

Kristin: If you knew anything about it is the last thing I would do. Jay and I got engaged really quickly after 8 months and we had a lot of things to work on. So, I broke up with him because some things needed to change and the only way he was going to see how serious I was was if I broke up with him. It wasn’t the end. The long story short, the press basically said he left me at the altar and I’m devastated and this and that, which was so far from the truth and I didn’t say anything because I didn’t feel it was anyone’s business. I was like let’s just let it die down. We got back together literally three weeks later.

Bethenny: What did you do? You lost all contact? What was that three weeks like?

Kristin: I tried to lose all contact. That didn’t happen. I actually did “DWTS” which he didn’t want me to do.

Bethenny: Well of course seeing you in those costumes grinding with those sexy men.

Kristin: Right, so I did some things that he didn’t want me to do but I was like I am going to make my own decisions, I’m going to do what I want to do.

Oh snap. I guess we know who wears the pants in THAT relationship!

Lea Michele Would Take A New Job As An X-Factor Judge


Via Extra TV

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour caught up with Lea Michele on Wednesday at part one of “The X Factor” season finale.

Demi Lovato indeed confirmed she is leaving as a judge to concentrate on her music, and Michele revealed she would be interested in being a replacement, if creator Simon Cowell asked.

The “Glee” star laughed, “I probably will stalk him because I’m such a fan, and I think he is so awesome! FOX is my family; this is my home… If “X Factor” wants to have me, I’m around.”

Lea also told Terri that she and her late boyfriend Cory Monteith did get matching tattoos a few years back.

Michele recalled, “I remember we were at the Teen Choice Awards, a couple of years ago, and you said to me, ‘What is this rumor that you and Cory have gotten secret tattoos together?’ and I turned beet red and I was like, ‘What do you mean, what are you talking about… How did you know?!’” Terri smiled, “I just knew!” Lea responded, “Now you have the exclusive on ‘Extra’!”

The “The X Factor” finale concludes tonight on FOX!

Image via Wireimage

Mark Wahlberg on Family, Faith, and the Importance of Legos


In a candid interview with Parade, Mark Wahlberg opened up about receiving his high school diploma earlier this year, the big role faith plays in his life, who makes up his “entourage” these days, his new film, Lone Survivor, and more!

Here are the highlights:

What were your biggest takeaways from filming Lone Survivor?
It takes a very special individual to become a SEAL. I felt it was so important to give the guys who never came down off that mountain their due. My wife couldn’t talk for 45 minutes after she saw the movie. All she kept thinking about were the sons and fathers and mothers and daughters out there fighting for our freedom. You take it for granted.

How do you spend Sundays?
If the kids are good, I’ll have doughnuts for them at 6:30 in the morning, and I’ll say, “You guys gotta let Mommy sleep in!” I’ll go to church at 7:30 and everybody will be eating breakfast when I come home. Then we’ll go to church again at 10:30, if things aren’t too hectic. Or if one of the kids has a game we’ll watch them play. It’s a nice family day.

Faith is obviously a big part of your life.
It’s the most important part of my life. I don’t try to push it on anybody and I don’t try to hide it.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
My sons and I thoroughly enjoy Legos. We go to the toy store every week for more. I never want to take what we build apart; I want to put it on a shelf. My wife is starting to get a little annoyed with the Legos lying around.

Who’s in your entourage now?
My wife, the kids, and a wonderful nanny. When I’m filming, all the guys are with me; but if I’m not at work, I’m with my family.

Did you feel you had a lot to prove early in your career?
Certainly. I don’t think it was customary for people from a music background to be accepted in film in a serious way. Considering what I had to overcome, I’ve had plenty to motivate me. Even more so today—I’m passionate about what I do. I’m a little older, but I’m not getting lazy!

For more from Mark Wahlberg’s exclusive interview, including his new reality series about his family’s Boston burger joint, Wahlburgers, go HERE.

Dylan Sprouse Nude Photos LEAKED: Another Disney Star Makes Headlines!


Welp, another Disney star is in the news for nothing good, unless you are into seeing other people’s privates. The next victim? Dylan Sprouse! Nude photos leaked today show the star and his junk in all their glory.

So how did the star react to the leaked pics? Well, he wrote a long freakin’ blog, not leaving out one ounce of feeling.


“I figured I would write my thoughts on it all. After having a night to sleep on it and a day to reflect, I think there has been ample time to gather my thoughts while the encounter is still fresh.

First off, I will state that the reason I’m making light of the situation is because I don’t think what I did was wrong. To be blunt, I was proud of my progress in the gym, thought I looked hot, and wanted to share it. I’m of the mindset that whoever you are, if you are proud of your body and want to show it off, so be it! You do you. There is an odd taboo with the human form (especially in the USA) and I don’t particularly think its a good thing to teach people that you should “hide yourself” as something incredibly sacred. Blah blah blah, that’s a medieval notion.

Secondly, the real problem here was not me sending my pictures to someone, but rather, sending them to the WRONG someone. The real travesty is a misplaced trust, and while I am certainly to blame for it, it is a shame that my private life was somehow forcibly dragged into the public’s perception of me. What is wrong is that, generally I try to stay cool and collected with my prose and a role model for kids (maybe not anymore shamefully) and this seemingly inconsequential act will likely affect the youth’s impression of me. Not only that, but I worry somewhat for my artistic integrity, and my academic integrity. Not exactly ideal, but I’m to blame and I’ll look this incident in the eye like a man. I did it, but I’d be damned if I didn’t own that shit like Beyonce would want me to.

Finally though, and I think that this is the most important part, because of this, I gained 200,000 followers on twitter, 40,000 followers on tumblr, and 20,000 followers on instagram…. It seems to me that the majority of people are actually praising this act as some sort of device to receive fame (or infamy). Why? I have no clue, I don’t entirely condone it though. I’ll make it clear my intent was for this not to happen, and how it has affected me so positively is an enigma to me that rings true of the human condition. Maybe people just like to see others mess up? I’m German by blood, so I feel you on that.

tl;dr? I was proud of myself and my progress since I was 14 and husky, I’m not proud of this incident’s potential lasting effects on my academic and artistic integrity. But I’m making the best of it through humor and I’m getting this shirt made today:


I figured that if every interaction I have from here on is a chance of them having seen me like this, I may as well just show them anyways heh heh.

P.S. please stop sending me nudes you will not get any in return despite popular evidence”

Someone ain’t too proud. What are your thoughts on the Dylan Sprouse nude photos? I say, NOT bad!

Jennifer Aniston Talks Turning 45, Her Short New Haircut and How In Love She Is


In a candid interview with Parade, Jennifer Aniston opened up about her upcoming 45th birthday, why right now is the best time of her life, her short new haircut, and more!

Here are the highlights via our friends at Parade:

Have you had a favorite hairstyle through the years?
“Well, that’s a good question because I just chopped it all off! I’m loving it right now. It’s right below my ear. I went short! But I do that every couple of years. It’s just nice to do something different. We were at a photo shoot the other day and I just said let’s chop it off! It was one of those moments. I love doing something different and changing it up, but at the end of the day, I’m a lover of long hair. I just think it’s beautiful. I would have to say that’s my go-to fave.”

Lots of women envy your hair, but do you ever have hair envy?
“I think Giselle [Bundchen] has exquisite hair. That’s a pretty envious head of hair! And I love Kate Moss. She always has great hair.”

When do you feel most beautiful?
“I feel most beautiful when I’m just at home with [fiance] Justin Theroux in the morning. Or any time of day I’m with him.”

There are always so many rumors and reports surrounding you, but what do you want your real fans to know about your life right now?
“My life is so fantastic. I’m so happy. There are a lot of exciting things that I’m excited about doing. We’re about to do a sequel to Horrible Bosses, which is such a fun character for me. And I think I’m going to try at some point next year to direct a full-length feature, which I’m extremely excited about. I’m just so happy and I’m grateful for my fans. I just hope I keep doing work that they love.”

You’ll be 45 in February. What do you know now that you didn’t at 25?
“That there’s nothing to worry about — although I don’t think I had a care in the world at 25, either. That all started in my 30s, my awkward phase. I’m a little bit of a late bloomer! But it doesn’t matter to me because it just gets better. They do say youth is wasted on the young, but I feel just as youthful now — if not more — than I did when I was 25. I’m more in my body; I’m more in my mind. Life is full. Life is wonderful. We’re very, very fortunate.”

For more from Jennifer Aniston’s exclusive interview, including watching Friends reruns and her childhood fascination with hospitals, go to Parade.com.

Image via Wireimage

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Divorce Papers Filed!


Apparently Khloe has had enough! It’s a done deal for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. Divorce papers have been filed and surprisingly I don’t think things are going to get nasty.

She has reportedly asked the judge to legally drop “Odom” from her name (which she already officially did on Twitter), and good news for Lamar, she is not asking for any spousal support. She’s got her own money, yo.

This news shouldn’t come as surprising to many. The question I had on my mind was whether Khloe was going to pull a Hilary Clinton and stand by her man through thick and thin or if she was just going to let him go.

Even though it appears as if Lamar may be back on the straight and narrow as far as staying away from drugs, it’s hard to really know for sure what is going on.

Perhaps now that these papers are filed, he’s ready to celebrate! He didn’t get jail time for his DUI arrest in September AND he is officially (well, almost) done with the Kardashian women who have seemingly been successful in driving their men away from them.

I’d like to know what Kris Jenner thinks of all this.

Carl Crawford is Evelyn Lozada’s Baby Daddy


Carl Crawford is Evelyn Lozada’s baby daddy, which means he’s in for a real treat. Child support till the baby is 18, yo! No, but while Lozada has revealed that Crawford is the man who got her knocked up (and not creepy Chad Ochocinco Johnson), I’m thinking she’s actually a bit proud that Chad isn’t the baby daddy.


The LA Dodgers player seems like a good enough guy and I really hope he steps up to the plate (no pun intended…okay, maybe that was pretty clever?!) to be there for Evelyn during this pregnancy and there after.

During an interview with omg! Insider on Friday, Lozada revealed the identity of her baby daddy and let everyone know that her due date is in March 2014. (Making it about the month of July that she and Mr. Carl Crawford got it in!)

So what is her future with Carl?

Lozada said she’s not in a hurry to walk down the aisle. “I definitely would get married again. I still believe in love … I’m not one of those people that’s like, “We need to get engaged, we need to get married.” No, absolutely not. I feel like that’s going to come, just like with the baby, let it come. I’m not forcing anything, so if it happens, it happens.”

She went on to add, “I am so excited to announce a wonderful blessing…I’m pregnant! I’m excited about being a mommy all over again. This is something I’ve been wanting for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.”

Lozada is already a mother to 20-year-old Shaniece from a previous relationship.

There has not yet been word from Evelyn’s baby daddy Carl Crawford.

Eddie Murphy’s Exes Nicole Murphy and Tamara Johnson Are at War!


Eddie Murphy has more trannies exes in his closet than the casual observer is even aware of. We all know about his ex-wife Nicole Murphy, but how did this Tamara Johnson chick manage to fly under the radar with us for so long?

Any-keeping-up-with-his-exes-takes-effort-way, another of Eddie’s exes is crying ‘show me the money’, but before you think it, let us clarify. Tamara is not after Eddie for a check. She’s after Nicole!

It seems that new show many of you are not enjoying, Hollywood Exes, was allegedly thought up (at least in part) by Johnson herself, so imagine her dismay when she learned that the idea she initially pitched was produced by Nicole? Imagine her shock when she found out that some of the women on the show now were originally her idea? Well, Tamara is crying foul and is suing!

How much is she suing for? $1 million dollars!

VH1 is not answering any questions about this, but we will find out soon enough if Tamara wins or she settles out of court.

Stay tuned…

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Bill Beckwith Motorcycle Crash Results In DEATH!


Rest in peace Bill Beckwith. The HGTV host of Curb Appeal was struck by a car and killed while riding his motorcycle in San Francisco, reports are saying. The accident happened on Monday evening around 8:30pm and Beckwith died at the San Francisco General Hospital.

The HGTV network released the following statement, “The HGTV family is deeply saddened by Bill’s tragic death, and we mourn his loss along with his many family and friends who will miss his creativity, adventurous spirit and general love of life.”

As for the driver of the car? Apparently the driver is okay and according to police,
“remained on scene and is cooperative with police investigators. [Beckwith] was transported to [San Francisco General Hospital] where he died from injuries sustained in the collision.”

Ugh. So sad. You know, he probably didn’t feel a lot of pain (and I could be wrong), but being that other person who basically is responsible for Bill Beckwith’s death isn’t going to be an easy thing to live with. Can you imagine?

What is even more eerie is Beckwith’s Facebook post on October 21st, “Was the first one out of my truck this a.m. at a head-on collision, made sure everyone was breathing and then directed traffic. A solid reminder that our lives can change at any instant, and to be grateful for what I have right now.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in this. It’s never easy losing someone.

Piers Morgan Can’t Stand Madonna’s “Phoney Accent, Muscled Arms and Stripping”


We all know that Piers Morgan is not a fan of Madonna and while there are some people who aren’t fans, they keep their mouths shut. Not Piers! He’ll go on the record letting y’all know his distaste for the legendary pop star.

So does he really hate Madge or is he just looking for someone to throw stones at for a little publicity?

At any rate, here’s the little story he told Ok! magazine, “Madonna is pretty awful. She never forgave me for throwing a bread roll at her at Marco Pierre White’s birthday. She was just being really obnoxious, not just to me, but generally. There was only 40 of us at this dinner party and she got annoyed because Bernard Manning started being offensive and that wound her up. She was with Guy Ritchie at the time and he’d been laughing his head off… I just picked up a bread roll and chucked it at her!”

He went on to add, “I hate the phoney accent, the muscled arms, the stripping off in her mid-fifties… Everything about her is attention-seeking – I think her 15 minutes of superstardom has probably run its course.”

The bish more money than any other artist this last year, so her biceps must be doing something for her!

Charlie Sheen Has Himself a New Hooker Goddess


For those of you hoping that Charlie Sheen would settle down again with Brooke Mueller (or Denise Richards for that matter) and raise his children?

Think again!

The Anger Management star is known for his predilection for hookers, strippers, and other various women of the night, so it comes as no great shock that he has again hook(er)ed up with a porn star. Which lovely woman is now about to be referred to as Charlie’s latest ex?

None other than Brett Rossi was seen smothering Sheen’s face in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the weekend. The buxom star has caught enough of his interest to garner a tweet from the actor:

“Best Thanksgiving ever.  I’m thankful for “Giving” the world another face-load of planet jealous!”

Rossi in turn re-tweeted with her own admission:

“Finally in Cabo with my love.”


Isn’t gutter-bucket, skanky, STD-ridden love grand?!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Betty White Has A Man Cave


Sharper Image has a new ad starring iconic actress and comedian, Betty White. The video features a straight faced White telling bold face lies in her Sharper Image “Man Cave.” White’s “Man Cave” is decked out with tech-savvy gadgets and games such as a the iconic Pac-Man arcade machine, Bluetooth speakers, white noise sound soother, electronic putting mat and vibrating massage chair.



In the tongue and cheek spot, White tells outrageous stories about how she acquired all the cool products. The video promotes Sharper Image’s holiday giftables for everyone on your list and offers free shipping from November 18th through December 16th for items over $99.

Betty White commented, “I had a lot of fun shooting the Sharper Image video. The concept for the shoot is that women love gadgets. We always think of men loving them, but girls love gadgets too.”

She’s definitely a good choice for selling your product. Everyone loves Betty White!

Check out the hilarious video below.

Dina Eastwood Says Francesca Eastwood’s Marriage Was NOT A PR Stunt


Dina Eastwood may be splitting from her husband Clint, but she’s still an active part in your step-children’s lives. Apparently she had something to say about Francesca Eastwood’s wild night in Vegas that ended in marriage via the Bethenny Frankel show. Check out the highlights below:

Bethenny: So your stepdaughter got an annulment after a week. She went to Vegas.
Dina: You know what that lovely gal, oooh wow.

Bethenny: She married Jonah Hill’s brother.

Dina: She’s an adrenaline junkie. She’s a lovely, smart amazing person who will do a goof off at a whim.

Bethenny: Do you feel it’s a PR stunt?

Dina: No, goodness no PR stunt oh gosh. All the Eastwood children are out of the spotlight don’t like to do stuff.

Bethenny: Alison’s lovely, I’ve met her.

Dina: Alison’s great. They are all amazing. Francesca would actually do something like that thinking that no one would ever find out. They don’t get that they are tied to Clint Eastwood or that they have a little bit of success on their own. So she calls me and says, ‘I didn’t think anyone would find out.’ Are you sh***** me? Like what are you doing? Get home. I just want to ring her neck but I am going to hug her too.
Bethenny So it’s annulled now. They were drinking?

Dina: She says no drinking but she’s 20 so of course she tells her step-mom no drinking. What are you thinking? Probably, let’s go have a fun day. I don’t know what you’re thinking but I am going to find out this week I hope. I do think annulment, yes, is occurring as we sit on the couch.

After the Eastwood divorce, she won’t have a whole lot to cash in on.

Alec Baldwin…Fired!


This has not been a great season for Alec Baldwin by a long shot. After dodging questions about his GLBT-friendliness that past few months, the actor was formally dismissed from his television show on MSNBC and he will now have to console himself in the arms of his young hot wife and his baby daughter.

Up Late with Alec Baldwin was not on long and never succeeded in the ratings to begin with. Coupled with that and bad press coverage over his anti-gay comments, MSNBC decided to kill the show in lieu of his “c*cksucking f*g comments”.

MSNBC kept it classy, only saying:

“We wish Alec all the best.”

Alec should know by this point that in this day and age, the best way to generate publicity for a new project is to do hoodrat sh*t that keeps people intrigued. We suggest a sex tape featuring Jon Travolta, Tom Cruise, and/or both.

It may not fix his image, but it would do wonders for our laugh reels.

additional reporting: A. Neff King