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Will your fave show be back next year?

25 At-Risk TV Series

Don’t you hate it when you become vested in a TV show only to find it canceled? Sometimes it’s a long time coming, and you’re relatively prepared but still bummed, or maybe it’s a complete shocker. Either way, it sucks.

The question now is, do you know how your show is faring? TVGuide.com has revealed 25 at-risk shows that may not make the cut. Check out the list below to see if your favorite show (or shows) are among the 20 unlucky ones…

While giving an in-depth analysis of what may be in store for your beloved series, TVGuide.com braces the viewers of these 25 shows of their impending doom…

At Risk Shows:

  1. $#*! My Dad Says
  2. Better With You,
  3. Body of Proof
  4. Brothers & Sisters
  5. Chaos
  6. The Chicago Code
  7. Chuck
  8. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
  9. CSI: NY
  10. The Defenders
  11. Detroit 1-8-7
  12. The Event
  13. Human Target
  14. Law & Order: Los Angeles
  15. Lie to Me
  16. Mad Love
  17. Mr. Sunshine
  18. Nikita
  19. No Ordinary Family
  20. Off the Map
  21. One Tree Hill
  22. Outsourced
  23. Perfect Couples
  24. Rules of Engagement
  25. V

Just a few weeks are left before we know for sure who will be staying and going if your show hasn’t been renewed just yet. So what, if anything, can you do? Read the full story HERE. Personally, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for “Outsourced.”

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