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Tracy Morgan’s Fiancee Won’t Let Him Party


Tracy Morgan stopped by SiriusXM’s Covino & Rich show on NFL Radio Row at Super Bowl XVLII Friday, February 1st and talked to hosts Rich David and Steve Covino about fatherhood and the new baby he has on the way, how his fiancee keeps him grounded and doesn’t let Tracy Jordan “take over,” why he is still a big fan of Dan Marino’s and his MiO Fit Super Bowl commercial. We’ve got the highlights below, yo.

SiriusXM host Steve Covino: “Did you party last night?”

Tracy Morgan: “No man, I got a baby on the way. She [my fiancee] shut all of that down…she don’t play that…(laughing) if you go out brother, we’re all going out–me, you and the baby.”

Steve Covino: “You’re rocking the #1 Dad chain, I love that.”

Tracy Morgan: “That’s where I’m at right now, that’s the space I’m in…My oldest sons did this, they bought it for me for Father’s Day using my money.”

Steve Covino: “What are you actually doing for the game?”

Tracy Morgan: “Actually, Saturday night I am flying out because I have a big show in Miami. So I am going to fly out–private jet–do the show, and then fly back [to New Orleans] that night. And then Sunday morning, me and my lady are just going to enjoy…we got some great seats and we’re going to enjoy the game.”

Steve Covino: “Is it a great feeling to take your beautiful fiancee on a private jet?”

Tracy Morgan: “That’s my wisdom…she’s my better half…I’d be a bum without her. Nothing is too good for my lady. I’d be a bum without her. I like her because she keeps me centered and grounded, and she doesn’t let Tracy Jordan take over. And I like that. I come home from doing all this and she [keeps me] grounded [by saying things like ‘Yo, your dog just shit on the floor,’ [and] (laughing), I’m like oh yeah, I forgot–I’m Tracy Morgan. My success is my family. You handle it better when you have that. I embrace my family. For me, that’s what makes me whole. I’m a dad first, and as long as I keep that perspective–God, me, family and then associates…show business is maybe like this big in my life, the rest of me is having this child come into this world and raising it.”


Tracy Morgan: “I am still a big fan of Dan Marino’s too–all jokes aside, he’s raising his kid. He’s raising his kid so I don’t see what the hoopla is [all about]…”


Tracy Morgan: “You know what I’m doing here, fellows? I got a Super Bowl commercial. Holler at that. Early in the third quarter, Beyonce is opening up for me. Not bad for a kid that went to Public School 59! Not bad for a kid who came out of that district…MiO Fit–check it out….I know me, I am always looking for something really healthy and safe for my body. In these times and ages, I don’t need sugar, I don’t need calories…we have all flavors–we have lemonade, we have orange, whatever you want. We got electrolytes in there, so [after] working out in the gym [if] you’re sweating it up, you [can] put everything back in and it tastes good…you could drink it all day.”

Covino: “How did you get hooked up with this?”

Tracy Morgan: “Kraft came and asked me, and I was so happy…I tasted it before I agreed to do it, and when…me and my wife tasted it…we liked it. I wouldn’t promote [something] I didn’t believe in….and…I’ve been looking for something healthy to drink since my kidney–and I found it…this is changing the game. MiO Fit is changing the game….you could be at a ball, you could be at a wedding [and] boom, you pull it out of your pocket. You’re in control [of the amount you put in your water]…It’s good after a workout…[or if you are]…just chilling out…[joking] after I got my woman pregnant, I had a case…[the commercial will air] early in the third quarter, so I am looking [for the score to be] 21-21. Check it out, it’s going to be a funny commercial and it’s a great product to drink, man, I like it.”

Steve Covino: “You’ve done so much in your career, but you’re real excited for this commercial because it’s [airing during the] Super Bowl, right?”

Tracy Morgan: “For me, to have a company ask you to represent their product, it’s an honor–and Kraft is one of the best. So it’s an honor for me to be doing that. To come off of 30 Rock [series finale] last night, think about it. And we just announced that my lady is four months pregnant…so [for] all of those great things [to] culminate…MiO Fit is the cherry on top of the cake for me right now, at this point and space in my life. And I am looking at it like that…to be at the Super Bowl is an honor, but to be a part of it–dig on that.”

On New Orleans and the NFL players he calls friends:

Tracy Morgan: “I never partied in New Orleans…but I came a couple of years ago to do a benefit for Drew Brees. I hosted a concert for Drew Brees, who is a magnificent man and I love him, just because of what he champions…[and] he showed up a lot of good times and a lot of love down here.”

Steve Covino: “Do you have a great camraderie with these players?”

Tracy Morgan: “You gotta understand, when these guys are sitting in the ice tub and they get to see someone who makes them laugh…I’m good friends with Victor Cruz. I’ve gotten to meet everyone except Tony Dorsett.”

SiriusXM host Rich Davis: “Who do you click with that we’d be surprised by?”

Tracy Morgan: “Me and Justin Tucker are really close. Me and Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. are tight, we’re good people.”

Rich Davis: “Do you have a [favorite] team?”

Tracy Morgan: “I am Giants all day, baby.”


Tracy Morgan: “Seven seasons…I enjoyed working with all the people on there…Tina, Alec, Jane, Jack, Judah, Grizz and Dot Com. It was so real. Towards the end…things start to flash before you—the refrigerator that was in craft service, the grip that was there from the beginning….when we ended [there were]…[over]…40… people…[who started when the show began]… that stayed, and that was what was awesome about that show. Because usually people go their own way during the year, but we had [over] 40 people, [including] grips and cameramen, that were there from day one. I remember doing the pilot and the very first day the director said action.”

SiriusXM NFL Radio host Adam Schein: “How do you guys keep a straight face during [filming]? The writing is so brilliant…[and] hysterical.”

Tracy Morgan: “You got to play it straight, man. I learned that from Will Ferrell being on SNL. Play it straight, man. That’s [what’s] funny. Those writers on 30 Rock never ran out of ideas. We could have gone another seven seasons…they conspired…at night to make…people laugh. And they came up with a great cast, and we all got along, so it was all chemistry. You can have a team full of talent, but if you don’t have Phil [Jackson] there to make it gel, you don’t win six championships in Chicago.”

Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Danity Donnaly is a Midwestern mama with class, sass and a love for celebrity gossip. D is a former disc jockey and is a fierce dancer who looks forward to that morning cup of coffee. When she’s not delivering the dish, Danity can be found on Twitter talking smack or shaking her bon bon to any jam by Justin Timberlake or attempting to sing one of her favorite Mariah Carey songs without breaking a window. Yep, she’s THAT good!

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