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VIP Fashion Tip of the Day: Makeup Primer

One of the simplest and easiest ways to correct uneven skin complexion and give your face that flawless look is to add a primer to your makeup routine.

1. Determine the right primer for you based on your skin type.

2. If you have redness in your skin you want a “correcting primer” which are green in color to combat the redness. If you have oily skin (ahh the shine!) the primer will help with the shine to give you a matte finish, but make sure it’s oil-free.

3. I recommend waiting for a couple minutes while your moisturizer sets in and then apply a thin layer of primer to your t-zone.

4. You don’t want to apply moisturizer and primer at the same time as it may get messy and not give the intended effect.

5. After your primer has set, apply your foundation of choice. Ta da, flawless face!

With makeup primers you don’t need to use a lot of product, smaller than the size of a pea. Also, using a good primer doesn’t mean you have to shell out big bucks. The important thing is to use a primer that correlates to your skin type!

Danity Donnaly is a Midwestern mama with class, sass and a love for celebrity gossip. D is a former disc jockey and is a fierce dancer who looks forward to that morning cup of coffee. When she’s not delivering the dish, Danity can be found on Twitter talking smack or shaking her bon bon to any jam by Justin Timberlake or attempting to sing one of her favorite Mariah Carey songs without breaking a window. Yep, she’s THAT good!

Danity – who has written 12162 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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