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Is Tim Gunn coming between Heidi and Seal?

Tim Gunn Parade Magazine interview

The ever outspoken fashion critic and Project Runway judge Tim Gunn chit chatted it up with Parade magazine to dish on what it is like working with Heidi Klum, who he thinks of as a stylish fashion pro and being Klum’s other husband.

Check out the highlights from the interview below.

Via Parade:

She’s a dream. She’s a doll. There’s not a diva’s bone in her entire body. It’s just a huge gigantic joy and frankly a laugh fest. She has a great sense of humor and we laugh all the time. It’s joyous.

It’s more of a set relationship. When Seal is on the set he refers to me as Heidi’s other husband. And the kids are all adorable. Heidi is a wife and a mother first and her professional career really comes second, which is not to say that you’d ever notice that, but she really is a family person and cares about her family deeply and dearly. How touching is that? I’m the luckiest man in the world.

When it comes to people who aren’t a kid or who aren’t a size two, I think about Helen Miren, someone whose style I adore and worship. She knows who she is and she knows what she looks good in and you can’t help but be blown away by her red carpet appearances, as well as her regular day in and day out lifestyle. And I have to say, when she’s not on a movie set, Sarah Jessica Parker’s personal style is also wonderful.

Red carpet land is a very different place and I don’t think of it as being the real world. I’m more interested in how people navigate the real world. Angelina Jolie is another of those people and Cate Blanchett, people who seem to have an innate sense of style and it comes from knowing who they are. In fact, I asked Cate on a red carpet once, ‘What do you attribute to the fact that you always seem to be so comfortable and confident in your skin and what you’re wearing?’ And she said, ‘I only listen to my own voice. I’m surrounded by stylists, I respect them, I take in what they are saying to me, but in the end, I have to synthesize all of that and ask myself how I want to present myself.’ I thought it doesn’t get any better than that.

I have too much respect for Jennifer Hudson to say, ‘Here, wear this.’ So if anything, it was more of collaboration. I spent a whole day with her on set in Los Angeles. I’m still so starstruck by it. I can barely remember it except that she’s so gracious, warm, lovely, sincere, and drop dead gorgeous. I have to say, she still had incredible sex appeal and incredible style as a robust woman. Even she said she feels so much better, and now that she’s this svelte size, she has so many fashion options available to her.

You can check out the full Tim Gunn Parade Magazine interview here.

Source: Our friends at Parade

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