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Tiger Woods Mistress Jamie Grubbs’ Criminal Past!


Well, Tiger Woods sure knows how to pick the women, I tell ya. Wowsers. Ok so the mistress with the big fat bragging mouth Jaimee Grubbs may have been a reality television star, but what have we found as of late with many reality stars? Well yes, criminal pasts would be the correct answer, dahlings. And Grubbs has one. Read more about Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Grubb’s criminal past after the jump.

RadarOnline.com is reporting that in July of 2004 Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Grubbs was charged with misdemeanor burglary and grand theft after she was accused of shoplifting from the Nordstrom store
at Horton Plaza in San Diego. In addition to that, court documents show that Grubbs failed to appear in court at least once on the case and the judge issued an arrest warrant against her.

A month after her arrest, Grubbs pleaded guilty to a single count of grand theft. She was sentenced to a day in jail, a $563 fine and ordered to stay away from Nordstrom’s.

But just after the news broke of her affair with Woods, home girl was out prancing around at a bar called Firefly and of course, was more than happy to pose for the paps.

Source: Radar

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