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Teresa Giudice’s hubby arrested… again.

Joe Giudice arrested

Reality star Teresa Giudice is dealing with more legal dramas involving her husband Joe Giudice, and what got him arrested is a little… unexpected. Apparently, the ‘Real Houswives of New Jersey‘ star’s hubby was pretending to be someone he wasn’t. You know, the technical term for that is fraud. What?

Yes, on Friday Joe was arrested at their home in NJ, and charged with fraudulently obtaining a driver’s license. It doesn’t sound like such a big thing, but the penalty if he’s found guilty could be as much as ten years behind bars says NJ’s Chief Assistant Prosecutor.

You see, Joe wasn’t using his own license because it had been suspended after his DUI arrest in January and he’s even served eight days of a ten-day sentence in September for driving with a suspended license. So what do you do when you have a suspended license, but don’t want to get busted for driving with one?

Duh! You pretend to be someone else- at least that is what Joe did. Allegedly, he went so far as to go to the DMV is June 2010 and present his brother’s identification materials as his own and problem solved.

As for Teresa, RadarOnline reports that she kept a Friday public appearance at a casino in the Poconos while other family members of the family  dealt with Joe’s bail.

Photo via WireImage

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