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Taylor Swift brings her kitten face to GMA!

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Taylor Swift (Kitten Face) stopped by GMA this morning to promote her new fragrance “Wonderstruck”. And of course, the country sweetheart greeted fans as well. The interview went down in Times Square in New York and a huge group of fans (including one guy with a perma-smile) surrounded the stage to listen to Swift talk about her perfume.

Of how the name “Wonderstruck” came about, Swift said, “It’s a line from my song ‘Enchanted,’ and the line says, ‘I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.’ I’ve always loved that line and that phrase, ‘wonderstruck.’ You don’t hear it very often.”

She went on to say, “So, I just felt like if I ever got the chance to make a fragrance, which I’ve dreamed of doing since I was about 14 years old … Ever since I wrote that song, I thought that would be the title. And I’d want to create a fragrance that smelled the way that word feels.”

I’m sure Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas knows how Wonderstruck feels! That scent will be emblazoned in their snouts fo lyfe!

Images via Wireimage.com

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