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Tara Reid Tries To Greenlight Nonexistent Film

Tara Reid has completely lost it. She thinks she is in a movie that doesn’t exist!

It not only seems strange that Tara Reid was ever in a Coen brothers movie, it actually seems strange that they inhabit the same physical plane of existence. But nope, there she was, playing young Bunny Lebowski, at the age of 22. The world has moved on since then, and suffice it to say the last 13 years have been kinder to the Oscar-winning Coens’ careers than they have to Tara Reid’s. The Coens are aware of that fact.

Last week, bizarrely, Reid mentioned in a red-carpet interview that she would be filming “Big Lebowski 2” this year. That a “Big Lebowski 2” might exist is a considerable surprise to the vast majority of earthlings, but to Reid, it fell just below “American Pie 4” in Important Projects Tara Reid Has Coming Up. (Reid’s rep tells EW that the actress might have been referring to a comment Jeff Bridges, the Dude Himself, supposedly made regarding a sequel.)

So, weary travelers, is “Big Lebowski 2” on its way? Matthew Odam of Austin360.com happened to be chatting with the Coens yesterday and, understandably, brought Reid’s comments up. Their response is precisely what you would have expected.

Ethan responded with a chuckle, saying, “I’m glad she’s working on it.”

When I asked if they actually had something in the works, Ethan said, “Well, we don’t but we’ll watch it when it comes out.” To which Joel quickly added, “Especially if Tara’s in it.”

For what it’s worth, a “Big Lebowski 2” written by, starring and directed by Tara Reid might be more entertaining than you’re giving it credit for. She’d make a terrific Walter Sobchak too.

Of all the characters from “The Big Lebowski,” Reid’s is certainly the least remembered. The film was not an initial hit when it was released in 1998, earning just more than $17 million, but has become such a cult hit in the last 13 years that there’s nothing “cult” about it at all anymore. It has inspired yearly “Lebowski Fests” across the country, along with a “legitimate” religion, called Dudeism, in which you can be ordained as a “Dudeist Priest.” Little of this has to do with Tara Reid.

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