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Celeb Do Gooder: Susan Sarandon Speaks Out for Somaly Mam Foundation and Child Trafficking

Susan Sarandon speaks out for Somaly Mam Foundation, child trafficking

Oscar winning actress Susan Sarandon is speaking out against human sex trafficking in a new campaign aimed at raising funds for victims.

“I just find the whole idea of sex trafficking with children is a nightmare you can’t even believe is real,” Sarandon, long known for her work with UNICEF and other various humanitarian organizations, said in a recent interview with CBSNews.com.

The actress is backing a petition launched by the Somaly Mam Foundation, anti-child trafficking charity ECPAT-USA, and cosmetics chain The Body Shop. The drive aims to gather signatures to encourage politicians in America and across the world to tighten up laws to protect youngsters.

She is quick to note, the child sex trade is prevalent everywhere, even where some may not expect.

Sarandon said, “Sex trafficking happens everywhere. People profit from it who are also connected to governments. It’s definitely exists within the United States…Kids coming from other countries. The problem exists right here.”

Statistics back up the actress’ claims. The U.S. Justice Department estimates that anywhere from 14,500 to 17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States every single year. But the number of U.S. children faced with being potentially trafficked is much higher. As many as 200,000 American children are at risk of being forced into the sex trade industry.

Sarandon told us why she’s speaking out on an issue so graphic that many cannot even bear to think about. “The only way that it will stop is to educate people because it’s such a horrible thing to think about, that you don’t even want to think about.”

To help support the cause, please visit somaly.org or bodyshop.com to sign a petition. Body Shop cosmetics stores are also accepting donations.

Photo via WireImage.

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