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More than just celebrity gossip


Suri Cruise Has Broken Her Arm!

We hate it when the kids of celebrities are harmed in any way, and so it is with sadness that we report that the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, has broken her arm.

According to reports, Suri, aged 7, broke her arm (we are not sure which arm as of now) and is currently on the mend. Katie Holmes has not told the media how the injury occurred and no other information has been released at this time. Suri and Katie live in New York since the split from Cruise in 2012. We’re just waiting for Suri to sport a blinged out cast to rival Mariah Carey’s.

We’ll be waiting!

And Katie Holmes better watch her back. The Thetans are watching her even more closely now!suri-cruise-2_660_051413034632

additional reporting: A. Neff King


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Comments (3)

  1. Maybe she fell over on her high heels….

  2. robert.grant.india@gmail.com' jody

    this kid is gonna be a case and a half

  3. celebbabylaundry@gmail.com' Robyn

    Poor thing!