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More than just celebrity gossip


Steven Tyler Could Have Sniffed Lindsay Lohan For Less


The frontman for Aerosmith has always been rather frank about his past troubles with drug use, but now he is getting even more specific, more detailed, and all we’ve got to say about this is…

We were born in the wrong decade?!

Because, as Tyler so blazingly puts it, he ‘snorted half of Peru’. In the upcoming edition of ’60 Minutes’, he chronicles his bouts with drug addiction and the trials and tribulations of being a rock and roll performer. So how much did he really spend on blow?

“Probably, realistically, 5 or 6 (million), easy,” he revealed. “But it doesn’t matter. But, you know, it’s what we did.”

Tyler cleaned up his act at the height of the coke craze in the mid-80s, but cocaine is a helluva drug and he relapsed. He recovered again only to become addicted to prescription drugs in the mid-2000s as he battled hepatitis C. He went back to rehab in 2009 and claims to currently be on the rehab wagon.

We could name about fifteen stars right off the top of our heads he needs to pick up and strap on to said wagon!


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