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Snoop Lion

Snoop Is On The Prowl As A Lion At Tabasco Super Bowl Party

Snoop Lion

Playboy brought a New Orleans-style vibe to their legendary party held during Super Bowl weekend with help from the iconic Louisiana brand and sponsor, Tabasco Original Red Sauce.

Tabasco welcomed celebrities and athletes to celebrate the biggest weekend in professional football, with DJs Jesse Marco and Devin Lucien and a performance by B.o.B. The event also featured a pop-up by Bootsy Bellows with a VIP room hosted by David Arquette at Jax Brewery Bistro Bar in New Orleans. Once inside, guests were invited to put on Mardi Gras masks, sip cocktails and enjoy delicious food seasoned with Tabasco Original Red Sauce from celebrity Chef John Besh (recipe below). As celebrities walked off the carpet into the VIP area and bar they were challenged to try Tabasco in its rawest form – 10 times hotter than the traditional sauce.

David Arquette


Highlights from the evening include:

Playboy party host David Arquette manned up and immediately stopped to try the Tabasco mash. It was so hot he rushed behind the bar for a drink to cool off (photo attached).
It took all of New Orleans finest to escort both Snoop Lion and B.o.B from the red carpet into the Tabasco sponsored party. Snoop had a total of six uniformed police officers trailing him to ensure he made it to his own private mezzanine overlooking the party complete with his own selection of playmates (photo attached). As B.o.B made his way into the party he too was escorted by both an entourage and police officers.

Surprisingly, foodie David Burkta wasn’t up for the Tabasco challenge as he waited for husband Neil Patrick Harris to walk the red carpet. Once Neil was done taking photos the two were whisked inside the party to enjoy a performance by B.o.B. from a private table.
Rascall Flatt’s Joe Don Rooney and former Playmate of the Year, Tiffany Fallon left the kids at home to party at Playboy and posed for photos as they fed each other Tabasco (photo attached).

Guy Fieri was treated to an assortment of Tabasco spiced appetizers prepared by fellow celebrity chef and New Orleans legend John Besh.

Football player Jeremy Shockey was too scared to try to actual Tabasco mash, but tried to take his own bottle of hot sauce with him to his VIP seating area.

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