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Snoop Dogg’s Football League in Deep Doo Doo

A few years ago Snoop Dogg started the Snoop Youth Football League which gave underprivileged children the opportunity to take up football without having to worry about digging deep into their bank accounts.

Well ironically enough, one of the teams Snoop is funding was banned from playing a game because there was an unpaid bill.

Imagine being a little kid psyched up to play a football game and a playoff game no less. All that practice and hard work to make it to the playoffs only to knocked off your adrenaline high by some douchebags who want to take your uniforms away from you because SOMEBODY didn’t pay the bill for them.

Myfoxchicago.com is reporting that a $22,000 bill was left unpaid. And get this, the team was threatened that they would get their uniforms taken away from them if they showed up to the game. Now that seems kind of drastic. Sheesh. How overdue is this bill?

One of the parents of the players said, “I don’t think it’s fair, but I think it’s more humiliating for them to show up there and (be) asked to take off the equipment, asked to take off your uniform right after the game.”

So didn’t Snoop know about the debt? Was he too high off the supply to process the bill or the collection notice? At any rate, he’s not only pissed off some parents, but broke some underprivilege kids’ hearts.

One of the players Ulyses Lopez said, “Snoop, I thought he was going to do a better job at supporting these games and stuff.” Granted he probably isn’t the one in charge of the financial matters but ultimately this problem weighs on Snoop’s shoulders. Homey better pay up!

Image via Wireimage.com

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