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Shakira in Hot Water For Dancing in a Fountain

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Shakira in trouble with city of Barcelona for dancing in fountain

Singer Shakira is in hot water after dancing in a fountain during the filming of her video for her upcoming duet with Dizzee Rascal titled “Loca”.

After spotting YouTube footage of Colombian pop princess Shakira dancing in a public fountain with locals and riding a motorcycle without a helmet, officials in the city of Barcelona, Spain, are reportedly so irked by her raucous location shoot, they may fine her for a variety of infractions. Some sources say the singer even disrupted traffic with her sexy moves and bikini-based wardrobe.

The biker-chic video has a decidedly break-all-the-rules vibe, but did Shakira really break laws? One authority reportedly told the press that she “did not even ask permission to film” the music video at various Barcelona locations — including the historic fountain at Pla de Palau — and that the amateur clips posted to YouTube will now be inspected closely to “detect infringements that have been committed during the recording.”

Shakira is weeks away from launching her world tour in mid-September, and her next album ‘Sale El Sol‘ (she has described the Spanish-language album as having “a strong rock side”) goes on sale November 2. Check out the splashy Barcelona antics that got her into trouble here.

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