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Selena talks her ‘brotherly’ relationship with Biebs.

Selena Gomez talks boyfriend Justin Bieber on Ellen

Whatever, bitch. We knew that you were sucking face and twirling locks of that $40,000 hair with the Biebs for months now.

Justin Bieber’s GIRLFRIEND Selena Gomez made an appearance The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and yes, Ellen asked her about her ‘brotherly’ relationship with the Biebs. In other words, Ellen calls out Miss Gomez!

During the interview, Ellen showed Selena a clip of her last visit on the show when she comments about then-rumored boyfriend Justin Bieber, saying, “He’s little. He’s like my little brother. That’s weird to me.”

It was after clip is shown, that Selena puts her head down and laughs.

Selena: Don’t take me to jail.

Ellen: He’s like your little brother?

Selena: Great thing to say, huh?

Ellen: What do you have to say now?

Selena: I don’t know. I don’t know.

Ellen: Well, you were trying to hide it still, right? But now you’ve made it public. Now, you went to the Vanity Fair party and made me a fool.

Selena: Laughs No, I really didn’t.

Ellen: Yes you did!!

Selena: I promise you I didn’t. He’s just sweet. Laughs

Ellen: He is. He’s sweet as can be. But he’s not like your little brother, is he? No, he’s not. And he’s a fantastic guy. You can’t try to hide that forever. I know you all were sneaking around but that’s crazy. You’re both huge stars and you can’t hide from us.

Selena: I didn’t lie to you. I didn’t though. I’ll say that.

Ellen: No, you didn’t blatantly lie. A little brother is not someone you want to date.

Selena: Well, no. That would be weird.

Ellen: That would be wrong and weird in so many ways.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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