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Sarah Michelle Gellar to make her comeback!

Sarah Michelle Geller Ringer, CBS drama

Finally! Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to the boob tube! After Buffy and a few other not so successful flicks (come on, you know Scooby Doo sucked!), Gellar took some time off with her hunky husband Freddie Prinz Junior and popped out a babe. But now the time is here for her return!

We’ve got the deets on a new series on CBS that she will be working on.

CBS has greenlighted Ringer, a drama pilot that will star Sarah Michelle Gellar!

According to Deadline, the show was ‘written by Supernatural writer-producers Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder and centers on a troubled young woman (Gellar) who, while on the run from the mob, hides out by inhabiting the life of her wealthy twin sister, until she learns that her twin’s life has a bounty on it as well.’

Since the end of Buffy, the broadcast networks have been trying to snag up Gellar. If you recall her only other TV gig was the HBO pilot of The Wonderful Maladys. Yeah, I don’t remember that shiznit either. But this CBS gig could be Gellar’s big fat comeback!

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