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More than just celebrity gossip


Rob Kardashian Basically Thinks His Sisters Are Whores

If this isn’t a slow, molasses-like walk towards admitting the obvious, then we don’t know what is! Rob Kardashian, aka ‘The Unemployed Kardashian That’s REALLY a Man’, had this to say about the news that yet another one of his sisters is bringing a bastard baby in the world…

“I’m so proud of my sisters, but I’ll be married before I have a baby,” Rob said while hosting the CIROC Vodka New Year’s Eve countdown at STK Miami on Monday.
Huh? What?!

Let us read between the lines before Lindsay Lohan pushes us out the way to snort them! What Rob is really trying to say without directly verbally slapping his sister is that since she is already knocked up, he might as well be happy for her. We mean, WHAT is there to be proud of about Kim Kardashian? That she can take piss like a pro? That she can sing/dance/act her way out of a paper bag?


This trick has NO talent whatsoever aside from her (we’ll even admit it) beauty, so the whole world is just supposed to bow down to her asses?

Hell to the naw!

And isn’t this calling the kettle pitch tar black?! Because Rob himself was caught up in some babymama drama of his own a few years ago with Roca Acosta. Did he just forget all about that with his busy sleeping work schedule?!

Whatevs! All you tired KK**** need to go sit down, and do what you do best: human latrine action and bad porn!


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Comments (2)

  1. sammy_knuckles@hotmail.com' SammyJeaux

    Everyone thinks the Kardashians are whores, most likely because they are! LOL

  2. bang2684@yahoo.com' Stephanie

    “bow down to her asses”