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Rihanna Has A Wild Night With Strippers

Whenever I hear a Rihanna song on the radio (which is every five minutes), I have a certain image of how she might be in real life.

With these new photos she’s put up on her Twitter, I now believe she is as wild and as kinky as she sings about.

“Best stress reliever = $tripper$” tweeted the superstar, following the message with a couple of pics in which she’s partying with strippers.

In one shot she’s standing behind a dancer with a huge wad of cash. I guess she was about to “make it rain” as the stripper did her ass-to-crotch grind on the star.

Rihanna teasingly captions it: “#RoleModelSh*t.”

But it’s this photo here that’s even more risqué.

“#ROCstarsh*t my daddy would be proud,” writes Rihanna, along with a shot in which she’s throwing money at a pair of women simulating some ummmm “birthday cake” eating.

Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake,cake.

Macy Kain is a lover of television. Anything reality, anything dramatic, you best believe she’s watching it.

Macy Kain – who has written 6758 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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