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Rihanna says Nude Photos are a must!


Now that Rihanna has spoken out about the Chris Brown smack down, she is ready, willing and able to talk about sex, her new image of raunchiness and those nude photos. And for me, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Read the latest Rihanna interview with the UK’s Sun after the jump.

In an interview with Britain’s The Sun, Rihanna gets rather revealing as she talks about sex and her new raunchy image. And for all you Rihanna fans out there, the now raunchy singer is tell you all that “Every woman should have naked pictures taken.”

Her reasoning? “In five years my body might not look like this!…Sexy at 19 and sexy at 21 is two different things. I’m just having fun.” Well I suppose that is as good of a reason she’s going to be able to think off.

About those nude photos of herself that were leaked online last year, Rihanna says, “When naked pictures I’d sent to a boyfriend were leaked this year I was so nervous and embarrassed that my mom was going to see them … But she reacted in the most surprising way. She just sent me a text saying, ‘You’re an adult now’. Basically saying, ‘Welcome to the real world’.”

Rihanna also opened up about the UK talent Susan Boyle. “I think it’s really terrific that someone’s dream can come true just when you think it can’t … She’s a middle-aged woman who doesn’t look like a star yet she has the most angelic voice. I couldn’t be more excited for her. I can’t even put myself in her position, what that would feel like. She so deserves it.”

Oh and yes, of course, she does talk about the assault. Well not exactly, but she dishes on talking about talking about her assault. RiRi says, “I opened up and got a little vulnerable and let my emotions out on it. I’m able to listen back to it now but in the beginning it was really weird. It was too deep for me. I kept having to leave the studio. But this was a great display of my recovery process.”

And so what about those rumors of an estranged relationship with her papa? She says, “He has too much pride. It’s almost like we play opposite roles – I’m the adult and he’s the stubborn teenage boy. Luckily my mom raised me with enough qualities to take on something like that. She is the least judgmental person. My whole life, she has always been there guiding me but she was never too hands-on. She was just there by my side making sure I didn’t make the wrong decision.”

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