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Rihanna Gets Engagement Ring From Chris Brown?


BadgirlRih spent her 25th birthday with her beau Chris Brown, but did Breezy splash out some big bucks for a ring because it sure as heck looks as if Ri has some hefty hardware on THAT finger.

Now I know that Rihanna is one to wear big jewels on whateverthehellfinger she wants, but come on. She knows damn well that if she were to flaunt a big fat rock on THAT finger, we’d all be talking.


In the above photo of Rihanna in wearing nothing but a racy bikini, the focal point of the pic (other than her banging bod) is surely that big fat rock on THAT finger.

Sure it is a big hazy with that cloud of smoke, but dang, it isn’t hard to miss that bling yo.

So what is the deal? Are these two going to get hitched? Well, we do know of one person who will certainly approve of this union.

Rihanna’s father Ronald Fenty. In fact, he said, “I would be ecstatic. [Brown] is a very old-fashioned kind of guy, with straight-up morals and he’s always been very decent to me.”

Um. I don’t even know what to say about this. All I know is if these two decide to get hitched, there is going to be a whole lot of backlash but we all know that Rihanna is one that is going to do whatever the hell it is that she wants to do.

Photos via Instagram

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