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Reggie Bush talks Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage

Whenever Reggie Bush gets in on an interview or conference call, you can pretty much guarantee he is going to get some sort of question related to the publicity whoring Kardashian Klan. Poor guy. Welp, just yesterday Bush got that question…you know, about the 72 day marriage of his ex Kim Kardashian and her now ex Kris Humphries.

So what does Reggie think of that whole debacle?

At the end of the conference call, one reporter at the Boston Herald said that he “couldn’t let him go without asking about the Kardashian wedding drama.

Bush pulled a Kris Humphries, but instead of the word “basketball”, Reggie inserted the word “football”.

Case in point…

Reggie answered with a giggle, “Ha, I have no comment about that, man. I’m focused on football right now.”

So what about Kim filing for divorce after 72 days?

Bush added, “Yeah, well, I guess stranger things have happened. But like I said, I’m focused on football and not focused on anybody else’s marriage or anything like that.”

And what about the rumor that he reached out to Kim after the divorce?

His responded with, “Yeah, trust me, I’m very well aware of what goes in the magazines.”

Good answer, Reggie. Good freakin’ answer.

Danity Donnaly is a Midwestern mama with class, sass and a love for celebrity gossip. D is a former disc jockey and is a fierce dancer who looks forward to that morning cup of coffee. When she’s not delivering the dish, Danity can be found on Twitter talking smack or shaking her bon bon to any jam by Justin Timberlake or attempting to sing one of her favorite Mariah Carey songs without breaking a window. Yep, she’s THAT good!

Danity – who has written 12162 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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