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Meet Rebecca McBrain: Paul Walker’s Ex-girlfriend, Mother Of Daughter Meadow Walker

Who is Rebecca McBrain?

We all have heard the news of Paul Walker’s death, but now people are wanting to know who Paul Walker’s wife is. Did he have one? Did the sexy Fast and Furious star have a girlfriend? Well I can tell you this…he didn’t have a wife, but he had a woman in his life who is the mother of his daughter Meadow Walker. Rebecca McBrain is Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend.



We do not know a lot about Paul Walker’s ex-girlfriend, but what we do know is that she dated Paul back in 1998 and it was soon after that they welcomed their first child together, Meadow Rain. Yeah, one of those deals…but hey, it happens.

McBrain, who resided in Hawaii moved to California with Walker. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t work out and in 1999, the couple separated.

According to numerous sites, McBrain is the now wife of Nicko McBrain…drummer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

If this is the same McBrain, you may recall some crazy bish named Rebecca McBrain of Whitman, West Virginia who was arrested

If this is the case, you probably remember Rebecca McBrain of Whitman, West Virginia was arrested arrested and charged with domestic battery earlier this year. Rebecca McBrain was due to be in court on May 3rd, after being accused of trying to stab her husband and throw logs at him.

Yeah, a tad cray, but at some point these two had a love for each other. I am sure she is devasted!

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