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Real Housewives of New Jersey Want Snooki Sized Paychecks!

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You saw it, the earth-shaking exchange between Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice on Monday night’s ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ reunion special. The F-bomb barrage started with a question from Danielle to Teresa: “Did you acknowledge your nephew? Did you?” Teresa replied, “Yeah, of course I did,” but after pausing for a second, she exploded. EXPLODED!

Apparently the debacle was over Teresa went to see her nephew after his birth in April, which she says she did, and he’s fine and beautiful.  Even though she went nutso on the taping, she says she tries not to let Danielle bother her.

“I just talked to her and it’s funny but she actually doesn’t care if Danielle comes back for another season or not,” a friend of Teresa’s tells popeater.com. “Teresa’s not intimidated or scared of Danielle. She actually thinks Danielle makes good TV and is amusing. If anything, she feels sorry for her. All she has in her life is this show.”

Sources confirm that it is the Manzo family that has made it very clear to Bravo that if Danielle stays, they go. Family member Dina Manzo has already quit the show and made it clear she would not be part of anything that involves Danielle, saying publicly that they are worried about their safety and that of their families when Danielle is around.

However, “Teresa doesn’t feel that Danielle is a threat to her family or happiness at all,” an insider spills. “She’s much tougher than that!”

She’s so tough, that she’s demanding a bigger paycheck for the next season, a la Jersey Shore size.

The insider claims:

“She would like to be paid more equivalent to what the ‘Jersey Shore‘ kids are getting. If she’s not treated better by Bravo, she’s ready to walk away.”

They definitely pull in the ratings – more so than the other versions of the show – and of course, they’re also forced to deal with a legitimate psychopath while they film, so we can understand why they’d feel more entitled to a bigger paycheck!

But don’t let your demands get too out of control, we saw what happened to J-Lo!

We’re pretty sure Bravo has no problem replacing people on a whim, and we don’t want you to end up with your ass fired, like that awful Prostitution Whore!

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