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What kind of effing Bachelor party was this?

Prince William is about to make his longtime love Kate Middleton a honest woman. As the royal wedding countdown is dwindling down to under 20 days, it’s time to get in that last minute singledom. And Prince got his bachelor party. So what did the Prince do to get his last kicks?

The Prince headed on over to his buddy George Stucley’s home for his bachelor party. While you would expect some high class strippers to show up grinding up on the Prince’s jock strap, ha, think again.

Big Willy Style got together with his brother and some close pals at the 12-century Hartland Abbey in Devon, Southwest England to engage in a series of activities, including surfing, clay pigeon shooting and other outdoor adventure.

You can bet there was plenty of booze to indulge in and from what it appeared Willy either had a bit too much or he just plain sucked at getting his surf on.

Jordan Clark told Britain’s Daily Mail, “I didn’t realize who it was at first but then George Stucley came over to me and said, ‘Can you watch out for these lads as they don’t really know what they are doing?’ I looked over and realized it was William. They weren’t very good. They were just paddling about having a laugh.”

Unfortunately, the guys are were very well-behaved. An inside source said, “It was a relatively tame stag weekend by a lot of people’s standards. It was just about a group of lads having a good time without their other halves.”

No strippers? Prince may be regretting this one day.

Image via Wireimage.com

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