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Babwa Wah Wah, the Pippa Middleton of Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell’s wedding

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It’s official! Nancy Shevell is now Paul McCartney’s wife! It was a simple wedding surrounded by close friends, including Ringo Starr and his woman Barbara Bach. Oh and speaking of Barbaras…Babwa Wah Wah was there and it was certainly quite difficult to miss her.

While everyone else sported a more neutral, non flashy ensemble, Barbara Walters pulled a Pippa Middleton with her red form-fitting gown, her fresh plastic surgery job and her newly dyed blond bouffant. She tucked in those granny sags, pulled up the support hose and Bam! Pretty fly for an 80 year old!

Details from the wedding below.

It was a 45 minute ceremony that took place at the Old Marylebone Town Hall, where Paul married his first wife Linda. Hundreds of fans and paps waited outside for the couple to emerge together as husband and wife. Let me just say that Shevell looked stunning with her elegant, yet simple gown. No surprise here, but the dress was designed by Paul’s daughter Stella. That must mean that Stella approves of this marriage.

As for Paul, he rocked a blue suit and a blue tie. The lovebirds walked out hand in hand with big fat smiles on their faces.

At least Paul will not have to worry about his money if he and Nancy don’t work out. Turns out, Shevell is independently wealthy and is a vice president of a New Jersey trucking company that is owned by her dad.

Congratulations, you crazy kids! I’m sure Paul was damn happy that Peggy Mills wasn’t there to cause a scene!

Images via Wireimage.com

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