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OMG! How Dare Vivid Offer Octomom a Paycheck!

[picappgallerysingle id=”8079328″]Nadya Suleman demands meeting with Vivid

Everyone at Vivid best watch their back, because Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman is fightin’ mad at the nerve of the porn giant for offering her $500K to star in her very own XXX movie. So mad, in fact, that she’s demanding that the porn producer’s main man, Steve Hirsch, have a little sit down with her so she can let ’em have it.

And Octo-Mom is serious about it. She’s got herself an outfit picked out and everything. A totally appropriate outfit chosen to illustrate the “paradox” of the offer.

Suleman has declared that she is so angry that she should “go over to the Vivid office for a meeting in a burka to make a piont!”

How exactly does this make a point? Well- as you may or may not know or simply fail to care about- Octo-Mom has been celibate for 11 years. Apparently this makes the idea of her starring in a porno a “paradox.”

As for the burka, which is a cloak worn by some Muslim women that pretty much covers everything but the eyes.  Not quite sure how this factors in to proving her point to Vivid, but then again I don’t quite understand why she wants to make such a big fuss over declining the offer (aside from additional publicity?).

A rep for Vivid confirms the dramaz, telling RadarOnline: “She [Octo-Mom] not only refused our offer of $500,000 for one scene, for one hour and one movie, she was angry enough to tell him that she thought she should go over to the Vivid office for a meeting in a burka to make her point.”

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