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More than just celebrity gossip

This Is What Britney Spears’ Ex Fiance Looks Like Now…


We all know Britney Spears is doing alright after her split with her longtime love and agent Jason Trawick. Hey, the girl already has a new man in her life Mr. David Lucado AND a Vegas gig that pays her over $300k per show. I think she is doing okay.

So what has Mr. Jason Trawick been doing now that he is free from Britney and her popstar life?

Rocking a new belly and eating pizza and Popeye’s, yo! But hey, you can’t hate on someone who looks happy!

I have noticed, this seems to be a common trend among men who have dated Britney Spears.


Just throwing that out there, David Lucado.

Image via Wireimage

9th Annual Jazz in the Gardens: 2014 Overview


Yet again, Celebrity VIP Lounge brings you special coverage of the 2014 Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival to be held in Miami Gardens, Florida. The annual event, which this year covers the weekend of March 15th and March 16th, is known or featuring some of the most acclaimed singers in the genres of jazz, rhythm and blues, and soul.

As more and more people become aware off the prestige surrounding the event, more performers of note are adding their talents to the roster. This year is no different, with some of the entertainment world’s most sought-after performers gracing the stage. Artists set to come to JITG include: Kelly Rowland, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, Anthony Hamilton, Trey Songz, Mint Condition, and many more.

This is the ninth year the festival has been held and each successive year, the roster has increased with star power. Previous performers include Neyo, Babyface, Fantasia, Monica, and Mary Mary. Comedian D.L. Hughley is the master of ceremonies this year, with a pre-festival set on Friday and special guests over the course of the weekend.

CelebrityVIP will be on hand, as in previous years, providing you with celebrity interviews, exclusive photos, promotional goodies, and more.

Keep it here for the latest in news at 2014 Jazz in the Gardens.

Monks of Mellonwah Set to ‘Turn The People’


This Sydney based, throttle rock band has only been together for four years, but their status has quickly ascended worldwide. Since signing with A&R Worldwide, they’ve been featured everywhere, from the LA Music Awards (named ‘Best International Rock Band’), the AIM Music Awards, CMJ, The Huffington Post, and more.

Their success has been substantiated and expanded through national and international tours that have gained them a larger following as fans are drawn to their brand of progressive rock. Already experienced on the stage, the band has released three EPs and now are about to Turn the People, their debut full-length CD. This offering is a bold statement meant to cement their status as an up and coming band that has finally earned a place at the forefront of rock respect.

Slickly self-produced by the band itself, along with production by Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osbourne), the album is set for release in volumes, with the last volume set for a March 2014 debut. The Monks of Mellonwah will also be touring in support of the album in 2014 in Europe and stateside.

Their sound cannot be pigeon-holed and each successive sonic offering is a music adventure that takes listeners to another plane that they don’t want to ever leave. Their lead single, ‘Tear Your Hate Apart’ is the kick-off to a 2014 set to see M.O.M. rise to new heights.

Lead single ‘Tear Your Hate Apart‘:


Music videos:

(‘Ghost Stories’ – 2013)


(‘Neverending Spirit’ – 2012)


(‘Swamp Groove’ – 2011)









Umbrella Bed – ‘Refill’ the Void


Umbrella Bed is a band that has maintained and expanded its fanbase on the strength of wild live shows, edgy beats, and a message that is singular in scope. Through shows both stateside and internationally, they have built a reputation as a band that is rooted in resonance. For nearly twenty years, Umbrella Band has cultivated a following at a breakneck pace, leaving audiences the world over captivated and waiting for more. After appearing on several compilations as well as releasing three previous albums, Umbrella Bed is back with Refill.

Their latest EP is comprised of five songs that elevate the genres of 2-tone and ska, featuring the standout track ‘Two Tone Monster’ which is upbeat and urges you to dance dance dance! Turn those speakers up and try not to move to this one! Also worth a mention is ‘Dubb Away‘, a remix of sorts of the track ‘Gone Away‘. This latest CD will definitely appease tried and true fans and leave newcomers eagerly anticipating a chance to see Umbrella Bed live and on stage in their town.


‘Wish That It Would Stop’ - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1g8OXt7yK4

Two Tone Monster‘ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E25ohuWBvM





4 Epic Rants From Kanye West’s Recent Interview Magazine Interview


In the February issue of Interview magazine, Kanye West says he creates ‘sonic paintings’ that have helped cultivate his image. For heaven’s sake, Yeezy just wants to create.

Check out 4 (lengthy) epic quotes from West’s interview with Interview magazine.


1. “I’m a trained fine artist. I went to art school from the time I was 5 years old. I was, like, a prodigy out of Chicago. I want to be able to have a thought or an idea and bring it into reality. I’d been in national competitions from the age of 14. I got three scholarships to art schools … and I went to the American Academy of Art. So the joke that I’ve actually played on everyone is that the entire time, I’ve actually just been a fine artist. I just make sonic paintings, and these sonic paintings have led me to become whatever people think of when you say ‘Kanye West …”


2. “I want the power to create what is in my mind. That’s my dream. I want to be able to have a thought or an idea and bring it into reality.”


3. “I met with 30 billionaires, 30 companies, and basically everyone said, “F— you.” If I want to design a product, or if I think of a new way for us to view films, then I want to be able to do it. And what happened was that when we made ‘Watch the Throne,’ it was such an accomplishment, and I had a bit of money in my account, so I just started chasing other dreams. I did two fashion shows in one year — at one of them, I had go-karts that people could ride. I also shot a film in ‘surround vision,’ where I had seven screens — three in front of the audience, one above, one below, one to the left, one to the right. This is after designing ‘Watch the Throne’ — and I was putting my money towards it. I put the amount of free income that I could put into it, which went into the millions.”


4. “As a celebrity. I have an opportunity to make a living at being the spokesperson for the third or fourth rendition of a thought — promoting something that has already been proven. The problem is that I like to be the inventor — I’m the person who works on the concept, who invents new thoughts, who brings new ideas into the universe. I’m not the guy who works on selling the idea — I’m not Vanna White for the new Hyundai. I am the guy who works on the concept for the car. Too many people are scared. But it is my job to go up every night and talk about this kind of s—. It is actually my job. I’m like a broadcaster for futurism, for dreamers, for people who believe in themselves.”

Images via Interview magazine

Danity Kane Release First Single Post Reunion (LISTEN HERE)


The ladies that inspired my name are BAAAACCCCK! Danity Kane has a new jam called BYE BABY and it is filled with pop sounds and an addicting hook.

From the beauties that are Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, Dawn Richard and Aundrea Fimbres I present to you…


The song, in my opinion, HOT!

Check out Danity Kane’s BYE BABY below and then let me know what you think.

Image via Wireimage

Christina Milian: On Her Fiance, Wedding, Miley Cyrus & More


On Bethenny today, Christina Milian was on the show to chat about her fiance, upcoming wedding, Miley Cyrus and more. Girl is looking amazing!

Check out the highlights from the show below.


Bethenny: You went to her concert, you went with your fiancee. I am looking at the ring gorgeous.

Christina: Yeah, he did pretty good. Yeah we went, we sat front row, we were right there in front of her, she’s just an amazing performer. She’s such an inspiration as a woman.

Bethenny: Do you know her?

Christina: We’ve met a couple of different times and we have these great conversation about kids and stuff like that so I wouldn’t say we’ve gotten to hang out hang out all the way but we’ve definitely crossed paths so many times during the year. I had a good time there. Kevin Hart was sitting next to me, Kevin Hart is hilarious. I know Kevin, Kevin had me rolling the whole time calling her Tinker Bell and all this stuff, she did look like a blue Tinker Bell, she looked amazing. She just floated across the stage right in front of us she was just beautiful.

Bethenny: She really does it her own way.

Christina: In this day and age you really have the option to do that and it makes me really proud because it gives me the option to do whatever I want to do.


Bethenny: So you haven’t been very romantically public I am sure you’re trying to protect yourself but on New Year’s Eve you kind of let it slip a little and there is video of you celebrating with your fiance.

Christina: He’s a ton of fun we are like best friends, okay this sounds weird guys don’t get grossed out but we act like brother and sister where we are kind of like catty and annoying with each other but we get it. New Year’s Eve can be such a milestone for people and you think about what you have or don’t have. So was this an amazing one?Absolutely. It was great, it was just the two of us, which was nice and different, we were in Vegas. Really it was just going in with great energy and what could be better than being with your friends.


Bethenny: Will you do a big wedding?

Christina: I don’t know he has a big family, a really big family so I think it’s going to be big but I’m still like okay, we got a house, we got bills to pay, the life we like to live so I want it to be fun but I really just want to have people around that love us and understand us.


Bethenny: So Miley is a child of Disney but what do you think of her path and taking chances and doing whatever she wants?

Christina: You know what she’s an adult, she’s a woman and I just feel all artists are creative people and I think we have the right to express ourselves as artists. I don’t think a lot of people were ready for it, the way that it happened. It happened so drastically, it was dramatic like really quick. I will say at least she can sing and she has good songs. It’s one thing to say if you don’t have good songs and you’re doing all this stuff it’s like okay girl what are you doing?


Bethenny: So you’re known for your amazing body. You are and you work it and you rock it. Do u feel pressure about it?

Christina: I mean I pressure myself, it’s not necessarily what the public thinks but when I feel fit I feel good I feel more confident when I am eating right and when I know I am eating the right type of life that I want to I feel amazing but then I like to have fun too when the winter time comes around I call it my hibernation mode and eat lots of food and I sleep and I let those wings on the back of my arms that I am so blessed to have, those little flaps, I know you ladies know about that, those grow back and then by January I have to work those things off.

Bethenny: Right now you are in a resolution period? Really?

Christina: Yes.

Bethenny: How much weight do you gain during the winter?

Christina: I didn’t weigh myself this winter, I didn’t want to see it. Last winter I did 15 pounds it was.

Bethenny: You do that for like a roll, you a eat for the roll of winter. So what’s your diet philosophy, it’s extreme it sounds.

Christina: You mean to gain weight or lose weight?

Bethenny: In your life keeping yourself in shape, what’s your overall philosophy?

Christina: It’s actually not extreme, it’s very comfortable. When I decide that I am ready to be fit and I actually make a choice to work out I just do things like cut out carbs, a lot of red meats I cut down on that and drink a lot of water. Drink a lot of water you need to hydrate your body, your skin.


The Kanye West Religion Yeezianity Is Real!


You know how Kanye West calls himself Yeezus, as in what we can only assume is his form of Jesus? Well we all know that Kanye is a tad full of himself. Okay, the guy is a hardcore egomaniac but apparently there are people out there who REALLY BELIEVE that Kanye, excuse me…YEEZUS, is really a higher power. And so the religion Yeezianity has been born.

According to the official website, the followers of Yeezianity believe that their savior IS Kanye Christ. “His real name is never to be spoken. He is known to us only as Yeezus. He has shown the world the creative potential of a human being and he serves as a model for behavior and ethic.

And if you want to become a member all you have to do is believe in a few key principles called the 5 Pillars and they are as follows:

1. All things created must be for the good of all.
2. No human being’s right to express themselves must ever be repressed.
3. Money is unnecessary except as a means of exchange.
4. Man possesses the power to create everything he wants and needs.
5. All human suffering exists to stimulate the creative powers of Man.

The group’s founder was quoted as saying recently in an interview, “In a lot of ways, after I created it, I reflected on it and thought that this was just a rehashing of Christianity, but just throwing Yeezus instead of Jesus. And you know what? That’s why I felt Kanye did it. He just put the name there. Jesus has all this baggage and all these connotations, and Yeezus is this new thing — and that’s why I say in the ‘Our Savior’ part of the site, ‘We don’t speak of his public persona.’ Because Yeezus is when Kanye elevates to that God-level, which I feel like we all have the potential to do. That’s why if it takes off, in the future, people would forget Kanye and his antics, and instead focus on what the message is.”

Yes, there really are some interesting peeps out there. Will you be joining the following of Yeezianity?

Katy Perry Tour Dates 2014: Prism Tour Announced!


Katy Perry announced tour dates for her 2014 Prism Tour and we couldn’t be more cheesed!

In a statement via video Perry shared the exciting news, “THE PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR is coming to light up some of my favorite North American cities this summer, as well as some new cities that you introduced me to through your video requests.”

Openers for the 4-month trek include Capital Cities, Kacey Musgraves and Tegan and Sara.

Katy Perry’s Prismatic North American Tour

06/22 – Raleigh, NC @ PNC Arena *
06/24 – Washington, DC @ Verizon Center *
06/27 – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena *
06/28 – Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena *
06/30 – Tampa, FL @ Tampa Bay Times Forum *
07/2 – Sunrise, FL @ BB&T Center *
07/3 – Miami, FL @ American Airlines Arena *
07/9 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden *
07/11 – Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center *
07/15 – Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre *
07/16 – Ottawa, ON @ Canadian Tire Centre *
07/18 – Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre *
07/22 – Pittsburgh, PA @ CONSOL Energy Center *
07/24 – Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center *
08/1 – Boston, MA @ TD Garden *
08/4 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center *
08/7 – Chicago, IL @ United Center *
08/10 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena ^
08/11 – Auburn Hills, MI @ The Palace of Auburn Hills ^
08/13 – Columbus, OH @ Nationwide Arena ^
08/14 – Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena ^
08/16 – Louisville, KY @ KFC Yum! Center ^
08/17 – St. Louis, MO @ Scottrade Center ^
08/19 – Kansas City, MO @ Sprint Center ^
08/20 – Lincoln, NE @ Pinnacle Bank Arena ^
08/22 – Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center ^
08/23 – Fargo, ND @ FARGODOME ^
08/26 – Winnipeg, MB @ MTS Centre ^
08/28 – Saskatoon, SK @ Credit Union Centre ^
08/29 – Calgary, AB @ Scotiabank Saddledome ^
08/31 – Edmonton, AB @ Rexall Place ^
09/9 – Vancouver, BC @ Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena #
09/12 – Portland, OR @ Moda Center #
09/13 – Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Dome #
09/16 – Anaheim, CA @ Honda Center #
09/19 – Los Angeles, CA @ STAPLES Center #
09/22 – San Jose, CA @ SAP Center #
09/25 – Glendale, AZ @ Jobing.com Arena #
09/26 – Las Vegas, NV @ MGM Grand Garden Arena #
09/29 – Salt Lake City, UT @ EnergySolutions Arena #
09/30 – Denver, CO 2 Pepsi Center
10/2 – Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center #
10/5 – Memphis, TN @ FedExForum #
10/6 – Tulsa, OK @ BOK Center #
10/8 – New Orleans, LA @ New Orleans Arena #
10/10 – Houston, TX @ Toyota Center ~
*With Capital Cities
^ With Kasey Musgraves
# With Tegan and Sara

No date has been officially announced as of yet for the general on sale, but fans will get an opportunity to buy theirs early via Facebook on January 23rd. Katy has teamed up with Tickets-for-Charity, donating a $1 from each ticket sold for the North American leg to UNICEF.

Will you be checking out any of Katy Perry’s tour dates in 2014?

Just for the record, YES I will be there!

BABY PARTY: Ciara is Pregnant!


Ermergerd! Ciara is pregnant! Squeeee! Body Partayyyyy!!!! I’m guessing she’s been busy having body parties (obviously) because today she stopped by The View and announced that she is expecting her first child with her new fiance Future!

We just recently found out that Ciara and her man were going to tie the knot, with their big engagement announcement in October AND that 15 carat ring on her finger, but now I am wondering…was this engagement because these two are expecting their first child together?

Well hopefully they are going to get married because they want to get married and not because of the fact that there is a bun in the oven. We are only looking out for your Ci!

Barbara Walters tried prying the pregnancy information out of Ciara this morning and the singer was not shy to confirm. She confirmed with a big fat yes and stood up to show off her baby bump. Adorable!

Now we’ve been hearing rumors for awhile now that Cici and her man were possibly expecting and then when she got that big fat ring on her finger…the wheels in my head started turning.

Congrats to Ciara and Future!

Shakira and Rihanna Release Duet “Can’t Remember To Forget You”!

Shakira and Rihanna have released their brand new collaboration. Yeah in case you didn’t know they were going to work together, SURPRISE!

The duo teamed up for the new single “Can’t Remember To Forget You” and this track is the FIRST song coming off of Shakira’s upcoming album.

Apparently the ladies have recorded a music video for the song and we’ll get to see it in the coming weeks…that is, IF someone doesn’t leak it before they want it to.

About her collaboration with Rihanna, Shakira told Glamour magazine, “[W]orking with her was utopia. She’s the sexiest woman on the planet. And at the end of the day, we’re both just basically Caribbean girls. The chemistry was so good and so real. She taught me dance moves. She was a sweet teacher.”

For all you hardcore fans, “Can’t Remember To Forget You” is available for you all to download in the US and UK right now. GO!!!!

Shakira’s new album is expected to be released later this year so you’ll have to wait a hot minute for that.

What do you think of Rihanna and Shakira teaming up together finally?

Jay-Z Lets Twelve Year Old Rap On His Stage


It was the one of the cutest moments of Jay-Z’s performing career. A little man out in the audience of Jay’s Greensboro, North Carolina concert held up a sign that said, “Can I rap for you?”

Well, let’s just say Jay made this 12 year old boy’s dreams come true by inviting him up to the stage to rap for the crowd.

When Jay invited the kid up, the crowd went absolutely INSANELY wild.

The little guy was clearly nervous (I mean, who wouldn’t be?!!!), but he quickly overcame his nerves and delivered a verse from “Clique”.

The kid definitely won over the stadium full of people and even Jay-Z!

It was one of those moments that you can bet that kid will never forget. Check out the video below.

Kanye West Thinks Coinye West Creators Are Gold Diggers


Welp, people are trying to make money off of Kanye West’s name and he’s furious. The thing is that this particular idea is kind of cute and West is probably just ticked off that HE didn’t think of it himself.

West and his attorney Bard Rose filed those nasty cease and desist papers against the creators of Coinye West. Yes, COINYE West, a new form of currency that the coders are saying started out as a “joke”. Well, the joke got a bit bigger than they thought. And even though West and his team threw over the big shut down, the launch of Coinye West already happened AND became an internet sensation on both Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately when it comes to trademark infringement, there’s nothing funny about it!

Not only is West’s face used for the currency, but the name itself being a pun on his name is making a huge case for West.

West’s attorney Brad Rose is coming for the seven anonymous coders of the currency saying, “Given Mr. West’s wide-ranging entrepreneurial accomplishments, consumers are likely to mistakenly believe that Mr. West is the source of your services. Notify the cryptocurrency community at large of your infringing actions and pursue all legal remedies against any business that accepts the purported COINYE WEST currency.”

Now those certainly sound like fighting words but from what I gather, the coders are just kind of thrilled they are getting attention.

One of the coders wrote, “We said Coinye West and we were like, ‘Holy… we gotta make that.’ We want to release this to the public before the man can try to crush it. They’ll still come after us, but that’s OK.”

Again, I think Kanye is just ticked that he didn’t think of this idea.

Check out their official site here.

Ludacris Baby Mama Tamika Fuller Is FURIOUS!


Yes, Ludacris’ baby mama Tamika Fuller is a tad ticked off! Ok wait, did you NOT know that Luda had a baby mama. Well, now you do!

Hip hop website Baller Alert did a little digging and found some photos of Ms. Fuller who gave birth to what would now be Luda’s latest child, Cai Bridges on December 9th. Apparently Fuller and Ludacris have known each other back since when they attended Benjamin E. Banneker High School in College Park, Georgia together. So this wasn’t just some one stand stand hooker or stripper night gone wild. This was long lost love lust sans birth control!

So here’s the deal, apparently Luda is willing to pay the child support needed to take care of this kid BUT…he doesn’t want Tamika to get an astronomical amount of his cash monthly. Luda is trying to get a DNA test and then lock in child support at around $1,000 a month.

But Fuller is having none of it. She knows as well as we do that Luda makes big bucks. Cripes, the guy spends $7,000 a month on lawn care! The guy is worth MILLIONS!

While we all know it is expensive to take care of a kid, I don’t feel as if the woman needs $10,000 some dollars a month to care for Luda’s child. But…the guy makes millions. So what do you think he should be paying for his baby mama Tamika Fuller?

Sound off in the comments section below.

Did Beyoncé Diss Kelly In Unearthed Interview? (VIDEO)


There is a video that has surfaced of the old Destiny’s Child and it is a very interesting one. It is just a six second clip but the clip sure says a lot!

In the clip you can see the members of Destiny’s child in an interview with Kelly Rowland (and her pretty amazing haircut) introducing herself as the second lead singer.

As Beyonce enters a brief coughing fit you can see her roll her eyes. So was this just a REAL coughing fit that ended with an eyeroll or was this big fat shade thrown Kelly’s way via Bey?

I’m guessing that these girls definitely had their up’s and down’s as far as a relationship goes and I’m sure Kelly was/is a tad jealous of Bey’s successful solo career of world domination (heck, I’m even jealous so I can only imagine how Kelly must have felt at one point). You can’t tell me there isn’t at least a small, itty bitty piece of envy there in Kel’s heart!

At any rate, you need to see the video for yourself. After watching, sound off in the comments section below.

Image via Getty Images
Video via VINE