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MTV’s The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes Week 7 Recap











Picking up from last week’s episode of The Challenge, the house lost Rachel and Aneesa, who lost “Banded Together” against Paula and Dunbar. The win was great for Paula, who has a little side fling with Ty back at the house!

On a day at Paradise Island, the house had fun in the sun, while Ty and Paula continued flirting and kissing. Ty worked up the courage to ask Paula if they could take their relationship to the next level, a proposal that Paula quickly rejected. I’m not sure why. Pretty sure, if I was your boyfriend waiting for you back home, I’d be done with you, calling other men “baby,” kissing on them and whatnot! Might as well make it official. Emily doesn’t trust Paula, though, because she feels like Paula will distract Ty from the game.

Back at the house, Diem was still so angry at CT, and hadn’t talked to him in three days since their huge fight in the last episode. After some advice from Ty, Diem had a talk with CT about her feelings toward him. They both apologized for their past actions and words, and hugged it out.

Later, T.J. sent a clue to the house for their next challenge: “Guys, hope you catch your runaway bride!”  At the Playa Grande, an obstacle course was set up for the teams’ next challenge,  “Race to the Altar.”  Each team had to complete a series of wedding-themed tasks at each station from putting on tuxedos and bridal gowns to eating wedding cake. The last couple to make it at each station is automatically out of the game. The first couple eliminated at the first station was automatically sent to the Dome, while the last standing couple won Power Couple and $2500. Unfortunately for Ty and Emily, the duo gets lost looking for a garter in the sand, and get automatically sent into the Dome after being last at the first station. After the other couples are eliminated, the last couples standing are CT & Diem and Paula & Dunbar.  It’s literally a race to the altar in the end, but CT and Diem take the cake! It definitely means a lot, since CT and Diem had so many problems before.

Back at the house, CT and Diem have a celebratory dinner and talk about their decision as Power Couple. After talking to each couple separately, the two still weren’t sure who they should send in.

That night, the house went out on the town, hosting a party for the “newlyweds” CT & Diem. At the club, Ty and Paula continued to mess around. Later, Camila and Emily thought it would be funny to dress up as the couple to make fun of them. Emily, face doused in chocolate, really offended Ty, who started packing his bags to go home. Mark and Johnny convinced Ty to stay the night and think things through, while Paula begged him not to leave. The next morning, CT had a talk with him, and convinced him to talk to Emily, who is feeling terrible about the entire thing. Seems she lived a very sheltered life and didn’t completely realize how insulting her costume would be to others. Turns out though that Ty was more upset at the fact that out of all people in the house, she was the one who knew him best and shouldn’t have been making fun of him in the first place. While the incident definitely threw a wrench in Emily and Ty’s communication, Emily apologized and Ty decided to stay in the house.

The morning of eliminations, CT and Diem still hadn’t decided who was going in the Dome against Emily and Ty. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers guessing on who will be sent in. This close to the end, nobody wants to take the chance of going into elimination!

Watch The Challenge: Battle of the Exes every Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST only on MTV!  And make sure you stay on the lookout for my recaps after the show!

Photo via MTV

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