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Mila Kunis gets glam for Marine Corps Ball

Mila Kunis made her way to the Marine Corps Ball at the Greenville, NC Convention Center on the arm of Sgt. Scott Moore, the big buff Marine who asked her out via YouTube.

Justin Timberlake made good on his word by taking Marine Kelsey DeSantis to her Ball less than a couple weeks ago so I expected Mila not to bail on her date.

More below.

Not a whole lot has been revealed on the evening, however I cannot wait to hear what Mila has to say about the night’s events.

According to Capt. Scott Sasser, “Everything went well. It was a great experience for everybody…It’s good that she got to come on a date with a Marine.”

Kunis is said to have arrived around 2:30 PM and headed straight for the Greenville Convention Center, where the ball was set to take place.

Before the big dance Kunis was quoted as saying, “It’s a huge honor just to be invited, it is. Talking to people and hearing their stories … being a part of something that truly I know nothing about but I’m incredibly eager to learn.”

Here’s hoping the night was magical and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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