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Martha Won’t Let Anything Interrupt Taping, Not Even Blood!

Martha Stewart pulls some DI-VAH behavior on the set of her new show!

This is a pretty awful story, heightened by the fact that Martha Stewart doesn’t even seem to care about her audience!

On Monday, Martha’s new show on The Hallmark Channel got up and running. The taping for the premiere episode didn’t go off as planned. In fact, it ended up leaving one of the audience members covered in blood!

An eyewitness explained the story to sources, saying:

“As soon as they begin taping, midwest housewives are going crazy etc. when all of a sudden, everything stops. One of the cameras that was doing a sweep of the audience hit this woman in the head and she was GUSHING blood from her face. Martha was not amused, she sort of just looked annoyed that the show was even further delayed. The woman was rushed off and her family later removed and replaced by fillers.

…At the end Martha had to read her “promo” lines for the camera, ie. “Next time on Martha Stewart” etc… she’s going through them and all of a sudden told her producer that she wouldn’t say one of the lines because it was “low class.”

Geez Martha, have a freaking heart. It’s not like she spewed blood all over your craft of the week, and even if she did, I’m sure you have a secret recipe to get it out.

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