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Mark Wahlberg Is The Crow

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Mark Wahlberg interested in taking on the role of The Crow, in a new remake.

Mark Wahlberg has been offered the lead role of Eric Draven, a revenge seeking rock star, who talks to animals (cue SNL skit). The original 1994 version of the film gained notoriety and cult status when its star, Brandon Lee, was killed in a mishap with a dummy bullet.

Singer-turned-screenwriter Nick Cave is working on a screenplay for the film, which Stephen Norrington is slated to direct. The character of Draven, goth rocker, is an undead avenger of his and his fiancee’s murder. Think Batman meets Marilyn Manson. Wahlberg has a lot on his plate. The Fighter, getting great buzz, opens next month and he is also looking into doing a sequel to The Departed.

Not sure what to make of The Crow remake. The first one is only known because of Brandon Lee’s tragic death. Some sequels were made, but they did less business than the first one. I’m guessing the studio thinks that by putting a big name actor in a dark superhero movie will mean good box-office. Wahlberg already tried this type of movie with Max Payne, a few years ago. It bombed badly.  Here’s hoping there is better luck this time around.

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