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Marilyn Manson Without Makeup: Back With Evan Rachel Wood


The young and beautiful Evan Rachel Wood has gone back to her papasito…errr…her ex-boyfriend…creature of the night greasy-haired Marilyn Manson. All those in between relationships for Wood must have not been all that because she has fallen right back into the arms of the man with the white powdered face. Read more about the reunion here.

She has been linked to other vampire-like men, but you can forget about all those other wanna-be blood suckers. Evan Rachel Wood is rumored to have gotten back together with her ex Marilyn Manson.

Manson basically confirmed the news via Metal Hammer magazine saying, “Me being at my best is what I need to be…I think that has really paid off because I’m back with Evan.”

For those of you who don’t remember, Marilyn got together with Wood way back in 2006, just after his divorce from Dita von Teese. After two years of dating, Marilyn and Evan broke up in October of 2008. They couldn’t resist each other as they hooked back up again in February of this year.

And now here in December, the pair are back on and sucking each other’s blood.

Do we care? Not so much. For those of you wondering if Evan has damn near lost her mind, we’d have to say yes.

Superficially speaking, here is what Marilyn Manson looks WITHOUT makeup. She’s gorgeous and he…well, we’re just sayin’ we hope he wears sunglasses at night.


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