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Mariah Carey Prank Calls Nick Cannon


You don’t understand Mariah Carey‘s personality? Well, maybe it is about time you do. Home girl isn’t as “stuffy” as you think she may be. Let’s just forget about MC’s famously slurred speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival for a hot minute. Check out Mariah Carey’s prank call to her hubby Nick Cannon. Effing hilarious audio below.

Ok so Mariah Carey does have a sense of humor. In fact, more so than you may think and all you hardcore MC fans know that already. So all you disbelievers get your shiznit straight. Mariah slapped a big fat joke upon her hubby but phoning him up on his radio show. On Nick’s radio show Rollin’ With Nick Cannon, Mariah decided to prank call her man.

MC called her hubby pretending to be a woman named Debbie with a very convincing Long Island accent. Her topic of conversation? Porn.

Mariah, aka Debbie said, Mariah told Nick: “Me and my husband have a very good time when we watch porn and I don’t think it’s bad. I think if it was bad it wouldn’t exist. And I think that everyone should experiment with porn. I mean Nick, come on, you know you look at porn. Tonight when me and my husband look at porn, I already know it’s gonna be a humdinger.”

However, it wasn’t long before Nick figured out it was his wife prank calling him. “Ladies and gentleman, this is how hilarious my wife is. This is Mariah Carey calling the station talking about porn.”

Perhaps this is a bit TMI into the relationship of Nikki Poo and Mariah? At any rate, it’s effing hilarious. Funniest woman of 2010 thus far? Mariah Carey. Hands down.

Check out the Mariah Carey prank call to her hubby Nick below!

Image via Wireimage

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