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2012 CMT Music Awards - Wonderwall.com.com Portrait Studio

Mariah Carey and… Brad Paisley?

Sounds like counter-programming to me to go head to head with The Voice!

If we are to believe the reports that are seeping through Hollywood like Mariah’s chesticles in her too small costumes, the diva could be sharing judging duties with none other than country star Brad Paisley. Since American Idol is losing viewers by the thousands week after week, they are obviously looking to right the ship as soon as possible. By placing a country singer in the other slot, they are at least, on paper, closer to what their main competition is offering. With Randy Jackson still allegedly on the bubble, I have some advice for the last remaining original judge.

It’s time to re-gain the weight and buy a cockatoo!

Everyone knows America loves country. Just look at Carrie Underwood. Just look at last year’s winner Scotty McCreery! Can you imagine the possible duets Carey and Paisley could churn out every few weeks on the show? How could America lose?!

There are even reports that a 4-judge panel will be phased back in after being put on the back burner when J.Lo and her ass made their appearance two seasons ago. The question is…

Is there enough money left in the bank after paying off Mariah?

They may have to settle for Andy Dick!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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