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More than just celebrity gossip


Lindsay May Flee Betty Ford in 5,4,3,2…

Just like we reported Lindsaya few days ago (because we here at CelebrityVIPLounge are always abreast of the latest in Hollywood f*ckery), Lindsay Lohan may have her PRECIOUS taken from her.

That’s right, folks. When Lindsay checked into Betty Ford a week ago, she thought that she would be allowed certain toxins into her body, like ciggies and Addies. Well, now that Betty has checked her over and done their own evaluation that is not paid off by her ill-advised team, it has been decided that she doesn’t need it and therefore, she has been ordered to release the pills!!

So naturally, what Does The Strawberry Snortcake do? She’s demanding to be moved to another center that allows her legal crackery to flow continuously through her veins over the course of her stay. The problem with all of this is that this is not likely as her judge is probably not going to sign off on this.

Word of advice, Linds…

Suck it up!!!


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Comments (3)

  1. go for it lindsay – you don’t need rehab and should be able to take all the drugs you need – the government ought to get its greedy snout out of your business and focus on trying to save the economy so the masses don’t wind up owned by some corporation

  2. She’s such a spoiled brat. If that were you or I we would be locked up!

  3. I’m surprised she’s lasted this long