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More than just celebrity gossip


Lindsay Lohan’s Case Is On The Fast Track


As Lindsay Lohan danced the night away clear across the country in New York, her new lawyer, Mark Heller, was having being verbally slapped left and right for his incompetence by the sitting judge on Friday.

Since Lohan replaced Holley, her case has not exactly made a turn for the better. And why should it? She still owes Holley hundreds of thousands of dollars, so now she is trying the cheap option and she might want to look in her attic for some lawyer coupons ASAP. Her new lawyer is reportedly not up to speed on California law, and his requests for a slow track for his client were denied. He should know that his client, The Strawberry Snortcake, is already on a slow track.

A slow track on a slow bus!

Heller also asked that certain evidence not be allowed in her upcoming trial, which was also denied. For those that can’t keep up with La Lohan’s many court appearances, this time Miss Unhinged Ginge is going to court for allegedly lying to cops. Will be the time that she finally spends more than five minutes in jail? It’s time for her to start abusing tax payer’s money in a different way!

Additional reporting: A. Neff King


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