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Lindsay Lohan’s theft sentencing includes a shoplifters alternative class.

Yes, seriously.

Welp, Freckles gets off once again. It’s official. Once again, Lilo has escaped jail time. After her lawyer Shawn Holley pleaded no contest to the jewelry misdemeanor theft on Lohan’s behalf today, I bet Lilo is once again breathing a big fat sigh of relief.

We’ve got what all went down in court today.

Lindsay wasn’t in court today, but her lawyer Shawn Holley was representing in full force today while Judge Stephanie Sautner contemplated Lilo’s punishment.

Judge Sautner said that she doesn’t think Lilo has substance abuse problems but other problems that lead to her self-medicating. With that being said, she isn’t making Lilo go through substance abuse counseling. Besides, she had enough of that already, hasn’t she?

For the theft, Lilo will have to serve 120 days for violating her probation, but get this, she’ll get to do the ‘time’ at home…with her favorite accessory…the ankle bracelet.

But get this, 120 days will only really be about 14 days. The thing is, she will have to stay home during that time. In addition, she will have to do some psych counseling (which she probably already takes part in) AND a shoplifters alternative class.

Freckles already has a whopping 480 hours of community service to perform, but add in another 3 years of probation for this theft and girlfriend really needs to behave herself.

Anyone else sick of Lohan’s legal woes?

Image via Wireimage.com

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