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Lindsay Lohan gets 30 days in jail

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The day that Freckles dreaded arrived. Wednesday, November 2nd. D day. Lindsay Lohan appeared in court today to find out her fate after she plead guilty to violating her probation.

What I can tell you is that she did get jail time. 30 days of it. It’s just that she probably (more than likely) won’t serve more than six days.

Details below.

She admitted to skipping 14 of her 19 court ordered therapy sessions AND violating the terms of her probation, so she knew she was going to get some sort of punishment but it really wasn’t THAT bad for Freckles considering her offenses.

Examine the following:

* Lindsay failed to complete 120 hours of community service for that theft conviction earlier this year.

* She didn’t show up for her community service at the Downtown Women’s Shelter in LA MANY times, which led to her getting her butt kicked OUT of the community service program there.

* She failed to attend court ordered sessions.

* Blah, blah blah

At any rate, she screwed up AND she must complete her probation requirements by March 29th of 2012. If she doesn’t, well then she will have to serve 270 days of jail. Is anyone else hoping that she screws up? Mean, I know.

Freckles must report to the court on November 9th to serve her probably no more than six days of jail.

Images via Wireimage.com

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