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Lindsay Lohan Rejects Plea Deal, Which Makes Total Sense to Lindsay Lohan


In what you might call a ballsy, perplexing, or just plain crazy move, Lindsay Lohan is apparently refusing a plea deal that would send her to jail or rehab. Why? Because she’s Lindsay freaking Lohan, that’s why.

Remember when LiLo smashed into that pesky cement truck last summer? No? I know, it’s hard to keep up. Yes? Well, despite plenty of witnesses that point to her being behind the wheel (including the passenger of the car), a source says LiLo is “confident she will be acquitted.”

According to a RadarOnline.com exclusive, prosecutors are demanding that any plea deal will consist of either rehab or jail time, but her attorney, Mark Heller, is banking on a plea deal that won’t include jail time or any compulsory rehab treatment. Because LiLo is totally opposed to rehab because, seriously everyone, she has absolutely no problem with drugs or alcohol, duh!

It’s important to note that if LiLo were sentenced to jail she’d likely serve about 11 days due to overcrowding.

Anyway, her latest criminal trial is set to start Monday, March 18th. And even if she’s acquitted it’s still not over, because she could still go to jail for up to 245 days for violating probation on the necklace theft case.



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