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Lindsay Lohan to do Matt Lauer Today Show interview!

Matt Lauer is giving it a go again. After Lindsay Lohan canceled a planned interview with him last June, Matt Lauer will be interviewing Lindsay in a segment set to air on Thursday morning on The Today Show. Girlfriend better show up and be ready to get cross-examined like a got damn guilty criminal because Lauer has gotten a tad I-don’t-give-an-eff-what-I-say these days. And that’s good because we want to know what really is going on. Matty is our voice.

Come Saturday Lilo will have all eyes on her when she hosts Saturday Night Live on March 3rd, a gig that will (at least she and mama Dina are hoping) mark a public rehab tour.

Heck, Freckles is positioning herself the right way for a career comeback. She’s completed many weeks of community service, isn’t rolling her eyes at Judge Sautner no more and she has been reportedly picked up for a role in Lifetime’s Elizabeth Taylor made for TV movie.

I really hope that Matt Lauer goes in for the kill this time with Freckles and not tip toe around the issues despite Mama Dina and her don’t-go-there list. But what I also hope is that Freckles has some damn good answers. We really do want her to get her mojo back.

Image via Getty Images

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