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Lindsay’s leaving rehab…for court.

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Lindsay Lohan back to court

It’s that time again- time for Lindsay Lohan to get her bootay back in court. She may have checked into the Betty Ford Center by her own accord (okay, so that is debatable), but she still has to appear before the judge regarding that whole probation violation thing that prompted the return to rehab. So just when should we expect another court show down?

As you remember, Linds tested positive for cocaine during one of her random drug tests that are one of those pesky requirements of her probation. Well, that flunked drug test means Lilo is in violation of said probation and is now scheduled to appear before Judge Elden Fox, per the judge’s orders, on October 22.

Judge Fox originally said that any dirty drug test would land Lindsay with a possible 30 day jail sentence.

Sources close to the dramaz tell RadarOnline that Linds won’t dispute the test results, which means the appearance would be merely a sentencing hearing as opposed to a more formal probation violation hearing.

The source goes on to say, “Lindsay will be sentenced next Friday for her probation violation. Judge Fox could do several things. He could order her to jail immediately, sentence her to 30 days and suspend the sentence until she completes her stint at the Betty Ford Center. Or he could come up with another scenario. Lindsay’s fate rests with Judge Fox.”

And just so Lilo won’t be tempted during her brief departure from rehab to the hearing, the Betty Ford Center will have a staff member escorting her- with her at all times while she’s off the grounds to make sure she stays on the up and up.

As we wait for it all to go down, check out RadarOnline’s photo collection of past famous rehab attendees HERE.

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