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Lohan: Hit & Run Hussy!

Lindsay Lohan hit-and-run accident.

The ghost of Halle Berry has seemingly taken over the drunk soul of former child star actor Lindsay Lohan.

So, for those of you held out hope that Lindsay was back on the straight and narrow, well, guess what?


According to TMZ, it seems that not only did our favorite strawberry snortcake strike someone leaving her house the club, but then she fled the scene of the crime!

Why is she in a club if she is not supposed to be drinking? No one goes to clubs for coke!
Oh, wait…

Witnesses on the scene claim that the struck individual claimed to not even be hurt and claimed to not even know who Lindsay Lohan was. My question is…

Where does he live so I can go there?!

Anyway, it seems he has quickly changed his tune now that he has been informed that the woman that hit him has a few dollars in her purse thanks to spreading her beaver in Playboy recently.

At the rate she’s going, Lindsay is gonna have to hit that cover spread eagle before Easter!

Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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