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Lindsay Lohan Exposed

Are you considering wasting your hard-earned money on the Lindsay Lohan edition of Playboy? Well, let me help you out and save you some money.

Buy some candles, mold the wax, and while doing so, say a prayer so that your daughter/sister/significant other doesn’t end up on the pole or worse…

spread eagle in a semi-smut mag!

That’s right, folks. You will want to grab a wick when you see this trick in the spread that is the most blatant misuse of Photoshop f*ckery imagery since its inception. Not only does it not even appear to be Lindsay Lohan in the photos, it even appears as if some of her freckles have been entered into the Witness Protection program?

Where is my precious strawberry snortcake?!

Remember back in the day when another drug-riddled youngster posed for Playboy, exposing all her lady parts for all the world to see? Well, Drew Barrymore had and has something that Lindsay Lohan has never seemed to have much of.

One: talent

Two: common sense

Drew posed, and then successfully morphed into a star, leaving that pipe in the gutter. Lindsay?

She’s still rolling around in it!


Triston – who has written 854 posts on Celebrity VIP Lounge.

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