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More than just celebrity gossip

Chris Pine Pleads Guilty to DUI in New Zealand

Uh oh, looks like international trouble for Chris Pine! The actor has pleaded guilty to a DUI over in New Zealand.

Chris was pulled over by police early March 1, telling them that he had four vodka drinks. He had been celebrating the end of filming Z for Zachariah with the cast and crew of the film, as well as his girlfriend, Iriz Bjork Johannesdottir. When he was pulled over, his blood-alcohol content was at 0.11 percent, above the 0.08 legal limit. He had a hearing on Monday, as his lawyer entered a guilty plea in Ashburton District Court.

As punishment, the actor had his driver’s license in the country suspended for six months and got a small fine of $93, which equals to be $79 is U.S. dollars.

Drinking and driving doesn’t mix people! Lucky for Chris, it wasn’t too bad of a legal issue. He’ll be back in Los Angeles soon. He’s not a celebrity whose name is always in the headlines for trouble, so hopefully nothing like this happens again!

Image via Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Da Brat Ordered to Pay $6.4 Million To Assault Victim

These celebrities need to think twice before they act out! Looks like rapper Da Brat is going to have to shell out a pretty hefty sum for an assault charge from 2007.

The rapper was charged with attacking former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens with a bottle inside an ATL nightclub back in 2007.  She served over 3 years in prison for the crime, but Shayla sued her in 2009.

The case was finally settled this week as a jury awarded Shayla $6.4 MILLION to cover her injuries and past and future loss of earnings!

Now I KNOW Da Brat doesn’t have that type of money! She’s a decent rapper, but her last full album was back in 2003! She’s been seen trying to make comebacks, but nothing substantial. Definitely not $6.4 million worth! So the real question is how in the world is this woman going to pay this money?!

Image by Dennis Byron

Avatar’s Sam Worthington Arrested for Allegedly Punching Photographer

Don’t mess with a man’s girlfriend! Sam Worthington was arrested Sunday in NYC’s Greenwich Village after getting into a scuffle with photographer Sheng Li.

The actor, known for his lead role in Avatar, was reportedly defending his girlfriend, Lara Bingle, after Li supposedly kicked her in the shins!  The photographer was also arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, assault, and harassment.

This isn’t Sam’s first problem with the law as of late. Last November, he was arrested after a fight with a doorman at restaurant Vortex. After being refused entry, he reportedly pushed the guy. Charges were eventually dropped, though.

Here’s hoping after this that he can stay out of trouble!

Image via Mark Metcalfe/Getty

Rapper Eve’s $327K Tax Debt

Eve is a Grammy Award-winning rapper and, apparently also behind on income tax payments to the IRS totaling more than $327K in tax debt. Ouch!

According to RadarOnline, recently filed documents show two separate liens against her in NY state. Eve, whose legal name is Eve Jeffers, had the first lien filed against her last summer for three years of unpaid taxes (2007: $12,971.08. 2010: $181,875.53. 2011: $30,141.34)- all in all totaling $224,987.95.

Due to the past due sums being so large, the feds audited Eve in 2012 and hit her with another lien this past November- charging that the rapper hadn’t paid $102,084.30 in taxes owed in 2012. If you add it all up, Eve is looking at more than $327.

Eve is engaged to Maximillion Cooper as of Christmas Day after a trip to Scotland. Together, they have an estimated total net worth around $50 million. So, paying the total amount shouldn’t be too hard, but not exactly the best start to the New Year or a potential marriage.

Of course, falling behind on taxes isn’t exactly out of the norm in celebrity-land. Eve joins the ranks of Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage, Ric Flair and Lauryn Hill- so she’s in good company. But seriously, hire an accountant people. The taxman is going to come eventually, try to avoid the headache- especially if you have the means to do so.

REPORT: Kanye West Pays $250K Settlement To Alleged Beating Victim

Reportedly, Kanye West has agreed to pay a settlement to the teenager he allegedly beat up in a Beverly Hills chiropractor office earlier this month–a nice sum of $250,000.

The incident went down after the teen called Kim Kardashian a “n—-r lover,” while they were both in the waiting room, and threw out some other ugly comments about her. Kanye later popped up in the waiting room, and reportedly punched the guy in the face. TMZ reported that the teen agreed to the $250K settlement, though at first trying to get paid in the upper six figures. He won’t go forward with any prosecution against Kanye.

Now I’m sure to Kanye, $250K is chump change, but any money coming out of my pocket for foolishness like this would piss me off. If this situation happened exactly how it’s being reported, I really don’t blame Kanye for going after the guy. It’s just sad that people adamantly try to get him agitated and violent for a payout, but that’s celebrity life. Here’s hoping Kanye has a cooler head in the future…but then again it’s Kanye, so that’s a HUGE hope.

Image via Rap Up

Chantel Jeffries: Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend And Partner In Crime


Ladies and gents, meet Chantel Jeffries, Justin Bieber’s girlfriend and other person who got arrested in Justin Bieber’s arrest that went down last night in Miami (while drag racing and acting like a fool).

Rumors have been circulating that the Biebs was not alone in his drag racing, DUI adventure last night and we finally know that it was a female friend who was sitting passenger during the stupidity that came out of last night’s escapades.

And after doing a little bit of checking, Miss Jeffries is no stranger to getting into trouble with the law. So as the saying goes, “you are who you hang with” definitely holds true in this case.

Chantel is a 21 year old model (although I’ve never heard of her?) who hails from Jacksonville, North Carolina. While she looks like the sweet, innocent seductress, it is apparent (according to her rap sheet) that she is a troublemaker…with her biggest offense including a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon. Records reveal that she stabbed another woman in the left forearm “during a physical altercation”. Yeah, classy!

In addition, Jeffries also enjoys the need for speed. She also got arrested for doing 92 mph in a 70 mph zone, reports The Daily Mail.

On her Twitter biography blurb, she describes herself as a “student, eyebrow connoisseur, animal lover, and deep thinker.” She’s a deep thinker alright!

For the record, she has dated Diddy’s son Justin Combs, Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, and yes even Bieber’s rapper troublemaker friend Lil Twist.

So is Chantel Jeffries and Justin Bieber an item or is this just a fun little fling going on to make Selena jealous? At any rate, this is yet another troublemaker from THAT crowd.

Justin Bieber Arrested on Drag Racing and DUI Charges

Surprise, surprise. Justin Bieber has had another run in with the law.

The singer was arrested early Thursday morning for drag racing and a DUI in Miami Beach. Justin was riding in a rented yellow Lamborghini at the time.

He was officially booked on charges of driving under the influence, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest “without violence”, according to police records. After his arrest, Justin apparently cursed out an officer, and admitted to having beer, pot and prescription drugs in his system, Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez told the Miami Herald.

After a short stint in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, Justin appeared before a judge for a bond hearing and bail was set at $2,500.

Justin….let’s have a little heart to heart. I seriously feel like Tyra Banks when she went off on that girl on America’s Next Top Model. I am, unashamedly, a little bit of a Belieber. So, as someone who has gotten weird stares for blasting “One Less Lonely Girl” in my car, I can say all this. GET. YOUR. LIFE. TOGETHER. If you keep going at the rate you’re going, you’re going to end up in a place that you sure as hell can’t handle. You were secluded in that jail cell, but let somebody actually get their hands on you!  This isn’t about your fans or your career. This is about you. You might need some serious rehab time, or, at least, some time alone, away from the cameras and the fame, to focus on getting yourself in a better place. Stop acting like a fool just because you’re legal and have money! Get some people on your team that aren’t afraid to sit you down and tell you off when you’re wrong! All of this was never cute. It was never funny. I can just see the comments now, but I actually believe you have talent, and you’re blowing it! Get it together. 

Image via AP

Meredith Baxter Is Married!


The former Meredith Baxter-Birney and star of the 80s hit show ‘Family Ties’ has married her long-time girlfriend Nancy Locke in a ceremony in Los Angeles this past weekend. The actress, who came out in 2009 after years of speculation, married after being together with Locke for nearly a decade. Guests included Baxter’s 5 grown children in a small ceremony that included vows the two wrote for one another and their first dance together.

With marriage equality in California, Baxter exclaimed that she was ecstatic about finally making it legal with her wife:

“Now I understand why marriage caught on!”

Congratulations to the couple and let’s hope the rest of America catches on and gets with the program!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Katherine Jackson: I Want My Check! (Round 2)


Katherine Jackson may be an octogenarian and possibly with one foot in the grave, but the one good foot?

Is going after the cold hard!

Ms. Jackson (cuz you know she’s nasty) may have lost round one in the battle for her son Micael Jackson’s billions against AEG, but that is not deterring her from going after them again. She has recently filed legal documents to get that second chance to get that big payday against the company. If you recall, AEG is the company that produced This Is It and were to be held responsible for his well-being, including the hiring of his doctor. Well, MJ kicked the bucket and Katherine is still fighting mad years later.

Will she win?
Will they settle?

See the above stories and guess how this all will end!

Stay tuned…

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Nigella Lawson: Winter Olympics in Her Nostrils?


It looks like someone likes to ski!

With the 2014 Sochi Games right around the corner, this is appropriate news we think. Usually, when we think of celebrities using drugs, we tend to call out names like Lohan, Snoop Dogg, and Janice Dickinson. But now we have to clear the table for another celeb to get in on the crackery. It looks like Nigella Lawson may be soon joining the crackie den!

According to two kitchen assistants, Nigella not only used cocaine, grass, and prescription pills, but she did so on a daily basis for over ten years. To which we say…

That’s a lot of blow, green sugar, and Oxycontin!

Allegedly, Nigella Lawson gave the two assistants the use of her husband’s credit card to avoid him discovering her love for the white stuff, green sugar, and pills. Back in June, Saatchi, Nigella’s husband, infamously choked her in a restaurant and now the truth is coming to light. He may have been choking her as a reaction to discovering that Lawson had spend hundreds of thousands of his money on drugs.

To the tune of nearly half a million dollars.

Now, we are not ones to condone violence, but if we found out our (in)significant other had spent nearly half a mil on blow without our consent, we’d probably have to shake them at the very last.

As we wait for more admissions, the case court continues…

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Cheryl Cole Finally Gets Her Check!


It took a bit longer than a hot minute, but in the end, Cheryl Cole (aka, the lovechild of Shania Twain and Eva Longoria) has emerged victorious in her lawsuit against the production company behind X Factor.

Over a year ago, the former X Factor judge won a suit against Blue Orbit Productions. Initially, she had sued over her ‘pay-or-play’ contract to the tune of $2.3 million amidst being replaced on the show before airing in America with Pussy Cat Doll frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger (and we all know how well that went). Was Cole also sour wit producer Simon Cowell as well? The Simon issued his own statement over the lawsuit:

“I think both of us would like the idea of working together again. She was a great judge… and she knows what she’s talking about.”

Simon may want to re-think what as transpired as X Factor has been treading water in the States while the UK version has been renewed for an additional tree years. No word yet from Cole. She’s too busy spending her newly won dinero!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Francesca Eastwood Pulls a Britney in Vegas

Just as soon as she said “I do!”, the daughter of Clint Eastwood is now backtracking quick as a flash and is having her quickie Vegas marriage to Jonah Hill’s brother (is his name really important at this point?) annulled.



connected to this torrid weekend affair claim that alcohol (no?!) had a lot to do with the marriage and subsequent annulment. But the funny thing is that Francesca claims to not drink alcohol. Perhaps that’s because she’s still under 21 and she is afraid Daddy Eastwood will hunt her down, put her over his knee, and spank the shit outta her!

Or maybe this was a sick sad cry for help and headlines in lieu of her father’s impending divorce to Dina? Whatever it is, she could ave at least waited a week. Even Kim Kardashian lasted longer than a weekend or two.

Oh, the shame!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Josh Brolin: Back to Rehab

IFP Presents The 17th Annual Gotham Awards - Arrivals

Josh Brolin is trying to kick his drinking habit once and for all. The actor, who had a few run-ins with the law and his ex-wife Diane Lane, has just checked himself into rehab one more time to kick his addiction to the bad nectar.

Brolin, who is prone to pullin’ Sean Penn antics and whoopin’ a trick, got into a tussle in Santa Monica over the weekend at a bar and saw the demons rising back up inside of him and realized he had to do something.

The rehab center is reportedly in northern California and we will see in a few months if this is the end of his liquor tirades.

Stay tuned…

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Teresa Giudice Might Be a Little Guilty


Even though she is known as conniving and bitchy and petty, one thing Teresa Giudice is not…

is guilty!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey already has 41 criminal charges against er alongside her husband Joe Giudice and has now been slapped with two more to add to that count for bank fraud. Allegedly, she claimed to be a realtor for a bank loan all the way back in 2005.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice says she’s NOT a dirty, scheming liar who falsely claimed to be a realtor in 2005 just to get a bank loan. Officials are contending that Teresa was not only not a realtor, but she was not even working outside of the house during the period.

Mail fraud.
Bank fraud.
Bankruptcy fraud.
Hair fraud.

These tricks are going D O W N!

additional reporting: A. Neff King

Moesha’s Marcus T. Paulk Charged with Domestic Violence

Say it ain’t so Miles! Moesha star Marcus T. Paulk has been charged with domestic violence after allegedly kicking his girlfriend in the stomach, resulting in her trip to the hospital. He was initially arrested back in August and turned himself in.

The girlfriend told TMZ the two were having a verbal disagreement and it escalated into a physical altercation. Marcus reportedly punched her in the face and then kicked her in the stomach. She admits she threw some punches herself, but she ended up in the hospital. Now Marcus has officially been charged with domestic violence and battery. If convicted, he faces up to 4 years in jail.

Sad. I don’t condone the violence on either side of this altercation. Though Marcus will definitely get the bulk of the blame, they were both in the wrong! It’s cliche, but violence is NEVER the answer. Hoping that the girlfriend heals soon, and that both of them learn and grow from this. Marcus is looking at a little bit of jail time, though he might just get off with probation and community service.

Image via Getty