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Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery dating?

Last night after it was announced that Scotty McCreery was the winner of American Idol, my eyes were focused on Lauren Alaina. I wanted to see if she was going to cry, pout or act a fool, but instead she planted a big fat kiss on Scotty’s lips! Ummm, it surely made me think, ‘what just happened here’? I then used my DVR remote to do a big fat rewind and damn skippy, their lips did touch and I thought I even saw Scotty mumble ‘I love you’. So what is the effing deal?

Of course it was just a quick shot television viewers, but it was pretty damn obvious. So what is the deal? Are these two teenage country bumpkin sweethearts?

When asked by Entertainment Tonight if she and Scotty are an item, she said, “He might be my boyfriend … ask him.”

But according to Scotty, he’s “still single” and admits he and Lauren have “gotten really close, but I don’t know about the more than friends stuff.”

It would be a wise idea for Scotty NOT to admit a relationship at this point because he knows damn well that all of the teeny boppin’ girls voted for his ass to win this whole damn thing.

Photo via FOX

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