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How Germanotta became Gaga…and her hidden talent revealed!

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Lady Gaga’s hidden talent

MTV hooked us up with a pretty sweet interview that features Wendy Starland and Lady Gaga’s former manager (and lover) Rob Fusari dishing on how Stefani Germanotta made the transformation to one of the most popular music acts…Lady Gaga.

Starland remembers seeing Stefani performing at the Cutting Room in New York and recalls seeing someone with an incredible talent.

Wendy said, “She had the ‘it’ factor, but she just didn’t have the rest of it yet.”

And so to help make this girl get noticed, Starland got a hold of Rob Fusari and he, along with Starland, helped transform Stefani into who she is today.

Starland explained, “I knew that if we changed the name, image, and songs that we might have something. We knew we needed to create something that would stand out and have a more theatrical type of appearance. We looked to Queen and Freddy Mercury and the song Radio Gaga for inspiration.”

And even Gaga credits Wendy Starland for success. “Without Wendy’s remarkable ears, hearing through my rough-around-the-edges college band, the eyes to see through 15 pounds I would lose over the next three months, and the heart to reveal to me one of her most credible contacts, I may never have become Lady GaGa.”

And while Gaga has transformed into this magnificent “character”, Fusari said that “I know Stefani is still in there, it’s like she has combined the two people. She’s the most driven artist I’ve ever worked with.”

Check out the video behind the becoming of Lady Gaga and her secret hidden talent below.

Source: MTV

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